Loyalty Coin bounty programs

Loyalty Coin up for grabs: 5,000,000 FLY

The bounty program ends  on the 16th of August 2017 by 5pm EST.

The following bounty programs are available for the loyalty Coin crowdsale;

⦁   Twitter bounty: 1 million FLY
⦁   Facebook bounty: 1million FLY
⦁   Translations: Ann page translation, Moderation & whitepaper translation 1 million FLY
⦁   Signature Bounty: 2 million FLY

How it works:

Twitter Bounty: 1million FLY: 

Follow @loyaltycoin1 on twitter to receive our project news and updates.

For following us you receive 50 pts per week.

Retweet our news updates to your friends and followers.

For every retweet or mention, you get points as follows;

Under 250 followers: 10 pts
Atleast 1000 followers: 20 pts
Above 5000 followers 50 pts

Retweets are valid for tweets after 3rd of August 2017.

Here is how the bounty is calculated;

For example if you follow on twitter for the duration of the crowdsale and you have 1000 followers

You earn 50* 2 = 100 pts for the 12 days duration

If you do 10 retweets, you earn 10 * 20 = 200pts

Total points earned: 100 + 200 = 300 pts

At the end of the Crowdsale, we will calculate all the points earned by the bounty hunters  in this category and each person will get coins that corresponds to the percentage of the total point earned.

If total points by all participants in this category is 60,000

The user in the example gets: (300/60,000 * 1,000,000) = 5000 FLY

Facebook Bounty:  1 Million FLY

Like our facebook page and stay up to date with news and updates from our facebook page.

For liking our page on facebook you receive 50 pts

We will post all updates on our facebook and be sure to be rewarded for every like, post or comment.

Comment: 20 pts ( for your comments to count, it has to be at least 25 characters per comment)

Like:  10pts

Publicly share any post from our page: 20 pts

Please fill the form  HERE for FB and Twitter


Translate our ANN page into your language and earn some points in return.

Translations and whitepaper must be submitted on or before Monday(7th Aug). Forum time.

Translation earns 100 pts

Moderation: You get rewarded with 20 pts for each post you receive in your thread

White paper translation: 100 pts.

Whitepaper Link

Signature Campaign Bounty : 2 Million

This campaign will last till 16th August. After Calculations, The FLY coins will be sent out 7 days after the campaign(24th Aug)
How to join: Please fill this form:
Ranks allowed: Full Member and above
Wear appropriate signature
Must make 15 posts per week
Posts must be constructive and on topic
75 characters minimum
Users must posting a min of 15 posts per week or he will be removed.
1 bitcointalk account per person(If you are found to be enrolling alts you and your alt are kicked out with no pay)
No neg trust accts may enroll
If you receive neg trust while enrolled you receive no pay and will be removed
If youre placed on SMAS blacklist during your time enrolled you will not be paid
You may not advertise any other sites in your signatures
Posts in any sig campaign or bounty threads will not count
Users can rank up but should notify me once ranked up. Posts will be counted depending on their previous rank until updated on the spreadsheet with the new rank.
Users may not change payment addresses. You will use the same address the whole campaign
Posts in Games & Rounds, Off topic, Lending, Auctions, Politics & Society, Beginners and help, Archival, Investor based games, or Micro earnings will not count

Official Website:
Telegram: @Loyaltycoin or on this channel: Loyaltyico


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