Prosecutor’s Office found no violations in LavkaLavka’s food sales for bitcoins!

LavkaLavka’s Farm accepted bitcoins as a payment in all stores, cafes and on the market MEGA from July 17, 2017. The news about this thundered in social networks, as well as in the Russian and world media. Technologically, the payment process is organized simply and quickly, everyone can visit the website, shop or cafe and quickly pay for products or dishes with bitcoins using a smartphone. We also immediately took care of working with the cryptocurrency completely within the law. We organized the process in the following way: after payment with bitcoins at the exchange rate in rubles we issue the check and pay all taxes from this sale.


Nevertheless, representatives of the Lefortovo interdistrict prosecutor’s office doubted the legality of the scheme and came to us with an inspection during which they did not find out violations of the legislation of the Russian Federation. Here is what the leading telegram channel about the cryptocurrencies DeCenter writes about this precedent: “You have already learnt from the news that the farm cooperative LavkaLavka started accepting bitcoins for payment at the checkout in its stores. You take the bio-products in the store and close the account with a bit!
Many entrepreneurs are wondering — is this method legal? But nothing concrete hasn’t come from the regulators yet.

“We send greetings to Boris Akimov, the founder of LavkaLavka, an icebreaker of crypto-processing!”

The result of the experiment in the LavkaLavka was the summons to the Prosecutor’s Office. The prosecutor’s office based on the results of the inspection … did not reveal any violations.
Does this mean that soon every café and taxi driver will ask — Cash, card or cryptocurrency?
We send greetings to Boris Akimov, the founder of LavkaLavka, an icebreaker of crypto-processing!”

picLogo of eco-cryptocurrency and international blockchain-based loyalty platform — BioCoin. Illustration: Pavel Voloshin

Acceptance for payment with bitcoins is only the first step in the implementation of our large project of developing an international blockchain platform BioCoin, which will bring together socially responsible business projects around the world. We have already issued our own cryptocurrency BioCoin (BIO). We are conducting an ICO in September 2017, during which we will put into circulation 800 million biocoins. This cryptocurrency will become a part of our loyalty system — biocoins will be charged as a bounty for purchases in stores, cafes and markets of LavkaLavka and our partners. Details can be read here.
We also invite your business to join the BioCoin platform and to attract the forward-minded part of the society — supporters of the green economy and holders of the cryptocurrency, the number of whom rises more and more every day. If you are embarrassed by the difficulty of technology and the ambiguity of the legal status of cryptocurrency, subscribe to our information channels and come to consultations — we will teach you how to work with cryptocurrency and do it within the framework of the law.

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Follow the news! The future has arrived!

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