Announcing the Aventus Protocol DApp Idea Competition

Today, we are pleased to present the Aventus Protocol DApp Ideas Competition, where members of the public are invited to come up with and present detailed ideas for DApps powered by the Aventus protocol.

This blog post will explain the details, but for the full spec (and how-to guide), a proposal example, and the current submissions, see the Github repository.

 Interested potential participants can refer to this blog post for an overview of key parts of the Aventus ecosystem, and different questions and processes a layer above the protocol that can be addressed by DApps to provide a better service to event organisers, promoters, ticket buyers, and other industry participants. Hopefully, this will serve as inspiration for some excellent ideas!

Below, we will outline the competition structure. If you have any questions on anything discussed in this article or in the full Github competition specification, please join the #dapp-competition channel on our Slack.

Competition Structure

  • The competition will run from 21 August to 3 September, and the top 3 proposals will be selected by the 5 September.
  • Throughout the time period, candidates will be able to submit detailed proposals for their DApp ideas as issues in the AventusSystems/aventus-dapp-proposals repository.
  • An Aventus team member will review every submitted proposal and approve/reject it based on its adherence to the Aventus DApp Proposal Standard.
  • Once it is approved, the proposal will be added to the Aventus DApp Proposal Competition Voting Form, where individuals can vote on their choice for the top 3 DApp ideas. The vote outcomes can be found if you click view past responses in the form. Note: for an approved proposal submission, you will receive a reward of ~$30 in AVT (at the initial valuation).
  • On 3 September, the 6 proposals with the highest number of votes will be selected and put through to the competition’s judging panel (see below). The judges will then select the winner (AVT prize of ~$10,000 at initial valuation), the runner-up (AVT prize of ~$4,000 at initial valuation), and third place (AVT prize of ~$1,000 at initial valuation).

Competition Rewards

  • First place: $10,000 AVT
  • Second place: $4,000 AVT
  • Third place: $1,000 AVT
  • For submitting a proposal that is then approved: $30 AVT

*All rewards calculated at initial AVT valuation at token sale.

Meet the Judges

The Aventus DApp Idea Competition Judges
  • Professor William Knottenbelt: Director of the Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering, Imperial College London. Also Director of Industrial Liason for the department of computing, and professor of applied quantitative analysis at the college.
  • Professor Mike Waterson: UK’s leading expert in secondary ticketing after publishing a report for the government’s BIS and DCMS on the secondary ticketing market. Professor of economics at Warwick University.
  • Daniel Masters: Director of Global Advisors, one of the first regulated bitcoin/blockchain investment vehicles of its kind. Also director of XBT Provider, the world’s first bitcoin tracker to be traded on an exchange (NASDAQ Nordic).
  • Fran Strajnar: Co-founder and CEO of Brave New Coin. Has helped gather fund contributions for hundreds of token sales over the last 2 years and has established Brave New Coin as a frontrunner in digital currency and blockchain data analytics, news, offering underwriting.
  • Steve Machin: Pioneer of the live entertainment & ticketing sectors holding a number of senior roles including ones at Ticketmaster Europe & Live Nation. Currently CEO of Accent Media Limited, owner of the .tickets domain, with a vision to create an authentic and trusted domain-space for online ticketing.
  • Andy Grant: Current head of product for Aventus. Former CTO and COO of Ticketlogic, a ticketing company in over 6 countries turning over more than £6m per annum, and founder of Glue Works. Has experience building and designing ticketing infrastructure for over a decade.

Again, for full details of the competition and how to participate, please visit the Github repository. To stay up to date with Aventus news and discussion please join our mailing list, join us on Slack, or follow us on Twitter.

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