Free distribution of BMT tokens

The devteam of the BMCHAIN project distributes BMT tokens for free on the eve of ICO. BMT token will be traded on big exchanges and it will be used for exchanging to other currencies and even goods.


1. Fill in the form on our official site
2. Make a post about the BMCHAIN project with the link to its site in any social media account (use this link:
3. Leave a constructive comment with at least 40 words about BMCHAIN here (+5 BMT)
4. Subscribe to our official Telegram group (@bmchain)
5. Fill in the information required for receiving BMT tokens here

Please, pay attention, If you need to make some changes in the google form above, you should fill in ALL fields of viewform once again.

The bounty size depends on the number and quality of your followers.
For every 10 followers – from 0.1 to 1 BMT token.
Counting the bounty and distribution of BMT tokens will be made after the end of the 1st period of ICO.
You can check the status of your participation in the promo campaign in this form.
Estimated ICO start date – September, 10.

Find more information on the BMCHAIN project, BMT token, dates and terms of ICO here.


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