ZONTO is the single app for interacting with the digital world #ICO


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20% – Facebook
20% – Twitter
20% – Subscription on bitcointalk
25% – Blogs and mass media
15% – Translation and moderation on bitcointalk

Bounty campaign includes 5 categories, which are shown on the diagram. Each category has its own weight. For the entire Bounty campaign is assigned a reward in 5% total number of the tokens sold during the ICO. After performing tasks, the participant receives shares, which are summarized for each category. After the end of the ICO, we will distribute the tokens among all participants according to the category and share on the ETH wallet.

Bounty campaign rules

The requirements are mandatory.

Facebook campaign

The share of the bounty on Facebook is 20%

Account requirements:

  • Have a Facebook account
  • To be a subscriber of our page
  • To have at least 100 friends
  • You can only use only one Facebook account
  • A Bitcointalk account cannot have negative credibility
  • To put a like for all posts on the ZONTO page
  • To make reposts at least of three posts per week during three days after their publication
  • To receive a reward, each member must participate until the end of the ICO

Charges and allocation of shares:

  • 100-299 friends and followers – 1 share
  • 300-999 friends and followers – 2 shares
  • 1000-9999 friends and followers – 5 shares
  • Over 10,000 friends and followers – 10 shares

The shares are assessed once a week. You can join the company during the entire ICO.

 Blogs and mass media

The share of the bounty is 25%

You can write an article on popular resources that are relevant to finance, blockchain, cryptocurrencies.


  • The article must contain at least 2000 characters
  • The article should contain graphic materials (images) and more than 2 links to the ICO site (link to the ICO site)
  • Unique content (information from websites and news resources will not be counted)
  • Articles should be posted on any website open to everyone
  • An account for Bitcointalk can not be with negative confidence

Allocation and distribution of shares: the shares are charged from 1 to 3 at the discretion of the team and depending on which resource the article is posted,how much attendance this website has, as well as the quality and uniqueness of the content.

The shares are assessed once a week. You can join the company during the entire ICO, in this case the shares will be assessed proportionally.

Translation and moderation

The share of the bounty is 15%

If our topic on the forum has not  been translated yet into another language ​​- we give the opportunity to translate it for a fee.

Languages ​​for translation:

  • Japanese
  • Chinese  – reserved by willowliu
  • German  – reserved by haxllega
  • Spanish
  • Indonesian – reserved by topbitcoin
  • Hindi  – reserved by ankit10
  • Italian
  • Portuguese –  reserved by moedasdofuturo
  • Croatian  – reserved by infidelio
  • French – reserved by Gambit_fr
  • Turkish – reserved by polat90
  • Philippines – reserved by Kolder
  • Vietnamese – reserved by cryptovn83
  • Polish – reserved by Heimer
  • Romanian – reserved by Andrew1337

Charges and allocation of shares:

  • Translation of Bounty thread – 5 shares
  • Translation of our topics – 5 shares
  • Translation of our posts – 2 shares

Topics for translation:

The language is considered reserved after confirmation by mail.

links to other languages: – pre-ICO, bounty Russian – pre-ICO Indonesian – pre-ICO, bounty Turkish – pre-ICO Chinese – bounty Chinese

We have decided to make the Bounty campaign even more interesting and more profitable!

As you know, recently, we have launched a ZONTO application for Android OS .

So now, we additionally allocate 1% of the tokens to the participants who has installed the ZONTO application and has logged in the system
(Feedback and high rating in Google play is welcomed Smiley).

Link for downloading the application –


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