3DES – The First Decentralized Slicer for 3D Printing #Ann



This is PREANN thread, so the info will be updated many times…

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Short annotation:


3DES is a blockchain based solution for distributed 3D model slicing.


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Over the last years the 3D printing market has been growing rapidly. The number of companies in the industry increased.
Investors and enthusiasts are still showing their interest. However, the industry is facing technical problems at every
development stage, which prevents the target audience from expanding  and new players from approaching the market.
Fig. 1. 3D printing process


A standard 3D printing process using the most widespread FDM technology includes 3 main stages:
1. Shape Modelling (preparing the initial model);
2. Slicing (solo), preparing the task for the 3D printer;
3. Printing, launch the 3D printer’s task.

Many problems appear on the slicing stage (2), forcing a user to adjust the settings multiple times before printing
in order to achieve an object of suitable quality. In the meantime, it is the most resource-intensive stage. First of
all, it concerns people, who can’t afford expensive computing equipment (the target audience). For a low-power
computer this is a longsome process requiring all the computing capacity, at which point the computer can’t be used
for other purposes during the slicing. Consequently, the work efficiency decreases, since the  slicing process needs
to be repeated with every slightest settings adjustment.

Basing on this problem, our team made a conclusion, that the industry needs a product enabling the fastest and
the cheapest possible 3D model slicing process using any computing equipment.


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Some companies already started to solve this problem. For example, AstroPrint ( and Printr
( use cloud slicing.  They simply receive users’ requests and proceed it on their own server hardware.


Table 1. 3 slicing methods comparison.



These services face different problems: equipment maintenance, electricity payments in disadvantaged locations,
high tax burden. The 3DES network technical realisation described below enables to even out the mentioned problems of
centralised cloud slicing services.


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Fig. 2. Workflow of a decentralised slicer


Platform realization for decentralised slicing is made using Ethereum smart-contracts, the system’s turnover is performed
with tokens issued at every stage of TokenSale (ref. TokenSale.pdf). Data storage is accomplished using IPFS. The system
is designed according to the «trustless» concept. There are 2 roles in the system:
Customer – orders services.
Worker – provides services.


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Task processing in 3DES network:
Fig. 3. Disputes solving chart


Completing tasks in the 3DES network:
To acquire a worker’s role it is required to have a static IPv4 Internet address and sign up as a worker in a smart-contact by
transferring a certain deposit that will be blocked as a guarantee of worker’s fairness in the arguable situations. The deposit amount
will be defined after ICO by investors’ voting. Workers will be offered either to set a fixed service price, or to use a special algorithm
that will evaluate the equipment’s computing capacity and set an according price for using it.


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Client software concept


Fig. 4. Client screenshot of 3DES network



Read our early version of WhitePaper to see the full description of the project.


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The tokens will be issued in 3 phases:

1. private-ICO (x4 from ICO, ~2% distribution) tokens will be sold to our friends and partners who helped us in the very beginning. Thank you!
2. pre-ICO (x2.5 from ICO, ~10% distribution) tokens will be sold to everyone who believes in our project. The raised funds will be spent on
programmers’ salary and marketing promotion to attract more investors.
3. ICO – in January, 2018 the most amount of 3DES tokens will be issued.

The project team will get 15% of all 3DES tokens as a reward to stimulate the team market-makers and
maximise the token liquidity until the service popularisation to protect the early investors.





All the tokens already issued (35 MM total). This is a mandatory requirement of some exchanges. So we very likely will be listed on the exchange after pre-ICO.
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We decided to sell our tokens to the earliest investors with the maximum discount (75%, x4 chaper ICO). The amount is
strongly limited to 200 ETH and available to buy until pre-ICO start(25 Sep). Our goal is to met our media and strategic partners. We very need to
meet with editors in blockhchain/technical magazines, strong promoters (we will have some generous bounties
also), admins of telegram channels, groups and reddits
. If you can offer us something useful for our project
or just have a great ideas PM me and you will get private access to our Ethereum smart-contract.

BTW: You can contact with us by the following email: Do not hesitate!

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