FTB: Connect World Funds! 150 Million FTB allocated! #ICO

ANN – ICO Announcement page:

*All campaigns are subject to the Bounty program terms and conditions (located below)*

BOUNTY  – Stake System
Bounty participants will be split into bounty pools based on their method of contribution with each pool having its own distribution of FTB fincoin. The fairest way to share the 150,000,000 (150 million) FTB Fincoin bounty is by using the “stakes” system.
You will be awarded “stakes” for each task you successfully complete in each pool. At the end of the ICO (31th October 2017) the entire value of the pool will be distributed to the stake holders based on the number of stakes they hold.
I.e.: someone with 1000 stakes will get exactly double the amount that someone with 500 stakes will get.

Bounty Pools

The Bounty Pool of 150 Million FTB FINCOIN is allocated into the following campaigns (bounty pools):

Bitcointalk Signature and Avatar – 29% (43 million FTB)
BitcoinTalk signature, discussion and avatar campaign

[size=13pt]Social Media – 24% (36 million FTB)[/size]
Twitter – 12% (18 million FTB)
Facebook – 12% (18 million FTB)

Creative Bounty – 25% (38 million FTB USD)
Write and post news articles, blogs, YouTube, infographics etc.

Translation, Moderation & Community Management – 10% (15 million FTB)
Website, Overview White Paper & more
Help answer queries or posts in different languages.

You can write and propose the name of the company we will create. We will choose Three alternatives and who will win will earn 3 million FTB. The name MUST start with FTB

Other – 10% (15 million FTB)
Social media influencers or newsletter owners. Contact us on to discuss remuneration.

If you have any question, just let us know through or, get in touch with us via the our telegram chat:, or via

Bounty Starts Wednesday, the 13th September 2017 at 00:01 (Forum Time); and ends on 17 October 2017 at 23:59 (Forum Time)

Twitter Campaign

Follow us on Twitter and help us spread the word about the FTB ICO

Twitter Instructions:

Apply to join the campaign here:
Follow our official Twitter Account:
Your twitter account must have at least 80 real followers
You need to have at least 80% real followers (we will use for checking)
You have to retweet at least 7 tweets per week from our Official twitter account
You have to post at least 3 tweets per week about FTB with the hashtag #FTBICO: Max 1 tweet per day.
View the list of participants and rewards here (48 hours please):


80-299 real followers: 1 stakes / week
300-999 real followers: 3 stakes / week
1000-3999 real followers: 5 stakes / week
4000-9999 real followers: 8 stakes / week
10000+ real followers: 13 stakes / week

Facebook Campaign

Facebook Instructions:

Apply to join the campaign here:
Follow and Like the official FTB facebook page:
Users must have at least 250 friends
You have to like and repost at least 7 posts per week from our official facebook page.

View the list of participants and rewards here (48 hours please):


250-600 friends+followers: 10 stakes / week
601-1000 friends+followers: 30 stakes / week
1001-3000 friends+followers: 45
3001-4000 friends+followers: 70 stakes / week
4001+  friends+followers: 100 stakes / week

Blog Article & Videos Campaign

Write a good article, review, or blog post about FTB FINCOIN in your words; Post that on your website or blog.

Article writing instructions:

The article/review/blog post must have at least 500 words.
Your text must be original. Copy or stealing other contents bring to disqualification.
The audience for the posted article must by crypto related or match a use for FTB or promote the ICO to a suitable audience.
Website must have a genuine audience, new websites are not accepted.
Article/review/blog post must contain at least 1 link to the FTB website:
Writers should familiarize themselves with the official white papers to ensure accurate description of FTB and FTB Fincoin.
Inform us about your article here:

Video instructions:

Describe FTB and it’s features
Video must be in good resolution
Video must be minimum 40 seconds.
You can upload them on Youtube, Dailymotion and others
Inform us about your video here:
We will give stakes according to the quality and audience of the article/review/blog post/video. The better it is, more stakes you receive.

View stakes assigned here: Updated soon

Rewards (Per item):

Normal quality: 1 stakes
Medium quality: 3 stakes
High quality: 5 stakes
TOP quality: 10 stakes


Let us know if you are interested in translating the website, white paper, and/or being involved in starting and managing the language based thread in about FTB FINCOIN.
Write us at

You can see the stakes awarded and the people involved in this spreadsheet: Updated soon

Bounty Program Terms and Conditions

The decisions made by FTB are final and binding. FTB reserves the right to accept or reject any new participants during or after token launch. Be sure to read all terms and conditions before sending us any submission. If you send us a submission for this bounty program, you are agreeing to these terms. If you do not want to agree with these terms, do not send us any submissions or otherwise participate in this bounty program.

You are confirming that you are at least 18 years of age and have full capacity to accept these terms
You are confirming the details you submitted are true and accurate.
You acknowledge that if you accept your bounty, you are solely responsible for all applicable taxes related to accepting the bounty and any required reporting obligations.
You acknowledge that you may not designate someone else as the bounty recipient unless you notify FTB in writing.
You acknowledge that you must use proper language in all publicity materials.
You acknowledge and agree to take all commercially reasonable measures to ensure that the goodwill and reputation of FTB is preserved and protected
You acknowledge and agree that you shall, on demand, indemnify, defend and hold FTB and its respective members, partners, shareholders and investors harmless against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings which may be made against any of such persons, and all damages, liabilities, losses and costs (including, without limitation, legal fees), which any of such persons may suffer or incur, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part in relation to this bounty program resulting from your misrepresentations (wherever fraudulent, reckless or negligent), negligence, fraud, misconduct or bad faith wherever it was wanton, intentional, reckless or negligent.

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