PECUN.IO – The world`s first fully decentralised investment platform

The world of covers the whole lifecycle of Blockchain innovation, from Angel & Venture Capital Investments, to Initial Coin Offerings, to exchange traded currencies and tokens. The leverage for’s early bird investors is much higher than with any other existing investment solution.
Therefore, we are actively scanning the market for blockchain start-ups with unique value proposition and high growth potential. We use our proprietary scoring and due diligence process and our team’s expertise in the field of alternative investments to find the best talent and technologies. With our long-standing marketing and legal experience, we multiply the chances for a successful ICO. For this valuable service, receives a significant profit share of the ICO proceeds.
Our tokenholders will benefit in every stage, from very early on.’s tokens receive proceeds from three sources: The management-, the performance-, and the ICO fees. will earn millions of commission earnings in a very short timeframe, making it a true blue chip investment for its token holders.
In the old economy, elite capitalists have monopolized such investment opportunities, leaving the public behind closed doors. democratizes blockchain investments, now everyone can join.
Unlike traditional Angel & VC investments, token holders can sell at any time. Bringing liquidity to Angel & VC investments is the most significant innovation over recent decades.


Democratizing blockchain investment – Our mission’s mission is to open the vibrant cryptocurrency market to everybody, fostering adoption of blockchain technology and democratizing ownership of cryptocurrencies.
We make it easy to invest in a broad range of cryptocurrencies and tokens, allowing the average individual to participate in the New Economy. Usually, the economic fruits of technological innovation are enjoyed by insider investors, with deep pockets and insider connections.

We are pleased to inform you about the Bounty Campaign PECUNIO

We invite you to participate in our bounty campaign and help the project to create a broad and strong community

The total number of tokens provided to sponsor bounty company participants will be divided among all registered participants according to their activity, based on the provided confirmation reports.
The Bounty program manager and team have the right to make changes to these terms or apply new ones!

A total of 1 000 000 PCO tokens allocated for the whole bounty program lasting two months which will be divided as follows:

1. Social Media Campaign:
Twitter – 150,000 PCO
Facebook – 200 000 PCO
Slack – 100 000 PCO

2. Bitcointalk Signature and Avatar Campaign – 200 000 PCO

3. Blogs, Media and Translations – 300 000 PCO

Rules of participation:


Twitter bounty campaign rules:
– Sign up for a twitter of the project
– Use the form to participate in the Bounty campaign:
– Only one Twitter account is accepted for the member.
– Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust are not accepted.
– Your Twitter account should have more than 200 real followers.
– Your Twitter account must have more than 85% of real followers.
– Do you have to do more than 15 retweets with Twitter account: @Pecun_io
– You must retweet all Pecun_io tweets every week, but not more than 2 retweets per day.
For your own tweets with hashtagami #PecunIO #Pecun_io you will receive additional bonus points.
– You can post one tweet per day, no more than 5 Tweets per week are counted.
– No spammy or simple short messages like “Hello!” “Hi!”, “Very cool” “I love it” “Can’t wait”. Messages should be elaborated and interesting for the community.
Twitter bounty tokens will be distributed in proportion to the number of shares of all participants in the campaign.

Example text for a campaign report twitter:
Twitter username: * Your Twitter login *
Twitter url: * Link to your Twitter account *
Followers: * The number of your followers *
* Links to your tweets about *
* Links to your retweets from Twitter *
Publish here your report and we will upload your stakes counter!

To ensure that we do not miss anybody out and send all the rewards on time (without any reminder) it is advisable to place a participation report once a week before Sunday:

Facebook bounty campaign rules:
– Launch the official Facebook Facebook Page
– Use the form to participate in Facebook Bounty Campaign:
– Only one Facebook account is accepted for the member.
– Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust are not accepted.
– Your facebook account must have more than 200 real subscribers (friends).
– Your page should be public, with an open option to view publications and friends.
– Your facebook account must have more than 85% of real subscribers (friends).
– Do you have to do likes and reposts with facebook pages:
– Like & Share at least PECUNIO 5 posts per week
You should put a “like” posts on the about PECUNIO page, with hashtags #PecunIO #Pecun_io and be sure to share them on your Facebook page.
– We will be happy to hear your positive comments !
– No spammy or simple short messages like “Hello!” “Hi!”, “Very cool” “I love it” “Can’t wait”. Messages should be elaborated and interesting for the community.
It is sufficient to follow the specified conditions.
Those participants, who are willing to demonstrate their activity and earn more tokens, will be expected to publish on their facebook page news about project as well as other promotional materials to increase interest of their friends to the Poject Pecun.IO

Please place report to ensure that your participation is rewarded!!!

Facebook url: * Link to your facebook profile *
Friends: * The number of your Facebook friends *
Followers: * The number of your facebook subscribers *
* Links to your posts about *

For participation:
First, join Slack:
Send your data using this form:
– You should register a real account and only one premium as a slack and bitcointalk.
– Be active at least once a week.
– Post constructive comments and answers to PECUNIO Slack team on a daily basis
The number of tokens that you will receive as a reward will depend from your activity!
Fill out the form above with the username slack username and username bitcointalk, all submitted applications will be checked manually.


Blog / Media & Translations:
PECUNIO will reward experienced writers who will write reviews of the quality system, articles about, including information about the ICO CROWDSALE or instructions on investing in their blogs, on websites, forums and other sources.
PECUNIO will reward experienced video editors who will create high-quality video reviews, presentations, investment instructions about, ICO Crowside.

How can I participate?
Write your article, reviews or create a video and submit an application using the form below:
Fill out the form:
Translation –
Blogs & Media –
Terms, rules and conditions:
– Low quality articles and videos will not be accepted,
– Articles and videos should be an original work. It is not allowed to copy another job, which will result in disqualification. You can use official images, works of art and other content posted on the website.
– In the description of the video, you should have one link to the official site, one link to the technical documentation and one link to your profile in to confirm the originality of the content.
– The video should last more than 1 min. 30 sec. Video, shorter than this interval will not be considered.
– The article should contain two links to the official website: and a technical description: and one link to your profile on
Bitcointalk at the bottom of your article or in comments to confirm the originality of the content.
– The article should exceed 300 characters, less than 300 characters is not accepted.
– Blogs hosted on common / free platforms such as Medium, Steemit, Newbium and others are accepted, but only one for each user.
Be sure that you fully understand the essence of the platform. Read the whitepaper of the project by writing an article.
Make sure your text is grammatically correct, and has no typos or errors!

Terms and conditions of translation:
Translation should be an original work, if you use tools such as Google translation, automatic translators, etc., your proposal will be rejected and blacklisted.

Check Spreadsheet for joined contributors and information:

PECUNIO reserves the right to make changes to participation programs and exclude participants who have violated the terms of the bounty сampaign.

We are glad that you have chosen our project and wish you good luck!



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