TechBench — social network. #Bounty value 150.000$ #ICO

We offer useful automatic Bounty portal for your convenience.

Bonus for registration on the Bounty Portal is 5 TBCH!
You can sign up through your social account by a simple click.

We have 600,000 TBCH tokens to spread out to people in our bounty campaigns.

1. Twitter and Facebook: 30% (180,000 TBCH)
2. Blog posts, Articles, Videos and Artwork Campaign: 25% (150,000 TBCH)
3. Translations: 15% (90,000 TBCH)
4. Telegram, Slack, Medium, Instagram: 15% (90,000 TBCH)
5. Bitcointalk signatures: 15% (90,000 TBCH) – will be launched soon

Please do not get worried if your balance does not change, we will reward in periods of time, every action will be rewarded.

Follow us on social networks



Slack, Telegram, Medium, Instagram, Twitter Follow Us campaign

Please follow our social networks to receive good rewards.

Join our Slack here.
Join our Telegram here.
Follow us on Instagram here.
Follow our Medium here.
Follow our Twitter here.

Please reply to this thread when you follow Instagram and Medium. Currently it is not automatic. Posting to this thread will help our project also.

20 TBCH for each follow

These rewards will be given for following our accounts.
People who spam the Slack or Telegram channel will not receive rewards and be kicked.

Translation Campaign

ANN Thread: 500 TBCH
Bounty Thread: 500 TBCH
Whitepaper: 2500 TBCH (pdf layout needed)
Website: 750 TBCH

All languages are available as long as no one else has taken them

The use of Google Translate or any translation service is not tolerated. You will not be paid for such work.
Translations need to be proper in grammar and vocabulary.

Leave a request on the Bounty portal and we will get in touch with you. Do not forget to fill in your Bitcointalk username.

Twitter Weekly Campaign

250+ Followers: 50 TBCH/Week
750+ Followers: 75 TBCH/Week
1500+ Followers: 100 TBCH/Week

Negative trust accounts are not allowed to participate
You must follow the official Twitter page:
You must make at least 10 unique tweets per week with the #TechBench #ico
You must make at least 3 retweets from the TechBench twitter page
Only 2 tweets and 1 retweet will be counted per day
Minimum twitter audit of 85%
Only 1 twitter account per person

Facebook & Twitter Campaign

Like: 2 TBCH
Repost / Retweet: 5 TBCH
Post: 10 TBCH

Maximum is 50 TBCH daily.
You must like the official Facebook page: TechBench

Blog Posts, Articles and Videos Campaign

500 words or 3 minutes: 1,000 TBCH
1000 words or 5 minutes: 2,000 TBCH
2000 words or 10 minutes: 3,000 TBCH


If the content is interesting to people, we will reward you more.

Must be unique and your own creation
Must feature our project or solutions that it solves

Content can be posted on steemit, medium, reddit, hacker news, your own blog or any other places on the Internet

Videos can be posted on Youtube, Vimeo and other places on the Internet
Your voice must be included in the video

Reddit account must be at least one month old to get additional reward.

High karma will be rewarded more

Artwork Campaign

No set amount. Will be decided after your artwork has been judged.

Publish your artwork anywhere you want on the Internet
Must be appropriate and relate to Tech Bench
Must be safe for work

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