Confideal official bounty campaign #ICO

Confideal is a unique smart contract management service for individuals and businesses, that allows its users to create and make safe, fast and anonymous deals powered by blockchain technology.
Confideal will reduce transaction costs, enhance the security of funds by escrow agent, improve the speed of the dealmaking process, resolve disputes through the arbitration module and expand business opportunities for enterprises, small companies, and individuals.
All smart contracts made with Confideal are encrypted and backed up on Ethereum blockchain to ensure their autonomy and safety.


Bounty campaign CDL tokens allocation:
1. Content campaign – 20%
2. Facebook campaign – 20%
3. Twitter campaign – 20%
4. Steemit campaign – 10%
5. Bitcointalk campaign – 15%
6. Bug searching campaign – 15%

1. Content campaign

Register here:

Create an article, a review or a video of the upcoming Confideal ICO. Confideal is looking for quality content in English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or Korean (other languages may be considered but are subject to pre-approval by Confideal).
Each publication must be no less than 2,000 characters (with spaces). Each participant is expected to prepare at least two publications before the ICO start date and publish at least one of them.

Bounty content campaign evaluation:
Every campaign participation will be reviewed by its creativity, length, and the audience coverage.
Between 1 and 5 points will be given in accordance with this criteria.

Please, use our UTM Link Builder for all the links in your article!

2. Facebook campaign

Register here:

1. To qualify, you must have no less than 200 friends and make your Facebook profile open to “Public”
2. Follow and Like Confideal’s official page on Facebook 
3. Like and Share at least 1 post per week, that gives your 1 stake for each week

Multiple account registrations are not allowed; suspicious accounts will get no stakes and may be excluded from the bounty program.

3. Twitter campaign

Register here:

1. To qualify, you must have no less than 250 followers and make your account open to everyone
2. Follow Confideal’s official Twitter
3. Like & Retweet at least 2 post per week, that gives your 1 stake for each week

Multiple accounts registrations are not allowed, all related/fake accounts will be excluded from the bounty program.

4. Steemit campaign

Register here:

1. To qualify, you must have an active account (at least 30 days old; with at least five posts)
2. Follow the official Confideal account on Steemit
3. Upvote, comment and resteem every post, upvote the comments by Confideal

5. Bug bounty campaign

Register here:

The scope of our bug bounty program includes all contracts related to the CDL token and crowdsale. This includes contracts from our official Confideal GitHub repo.
Our team will assess each submission individually and assign a level of severity according to its likelihood and impact on security and performance of the token itself.
Compensation will depend on the severity of the issue found.

Low: Up to 2000 CDL
Medium: Up to 5000 CDL
High: Up to 10,000 CDL
Critical: Up to 20,000 CDL

Please report bug bounty submissions to this form.

Note that bounties will be paid in CDL after the crowdsale has concluded, provided that the investment threshold of 5000 ETH is surpassed. Confideal employees and paid auditors are not eligible for bounty compensation.

Register here:


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