NetM – Social Media Campaign and more – Bonus #ICO

Follow us on Twitter:


Rules to qualify for weekly twitter campaign payouts


– Bitcointalk accounts with negative trust are not eligible.
– Your Bitcointalk account has to be at least Jr member.
– Join Telegram group JOIN!
– Your Twitter account must have at least 300 real followers.
– Your Twitter account need to have at least 85% real followers.
– You have to retweet from our Twitter account: @netmproject
– Make at least 5 tweets about NetM  and you must include: #NetM; #blockchain; #NTM; #B2B; #bitcoin. You need to choose and add at least 2 keywords
– Tweets must be in English
– Multiple accounts are not allowed. Those found using such multi accounts will be disqualified and blacklisted from campaign.


Tier 3: 500-1000 followers – 2000 NTM
Tier 2: 1000-2000 followers – 4000 NTM
Tier 1: 2000-4000 followers – 6000 NTM
Tier 0: 4000-6000 folowers – 8000 NTM
Extra Tier: +6000 followers – 10000 NTM

Payouts are paid Sundays (UTC-05:00)


Follow us on Facebook:


Facebook bounty campaign rules:

-Facebook profile must be real person.
-Accounts with valid negative feedback are not eligible.
-You must be at least Jr. Member rank.
-Your Facebook account must have at least 200 friends.
-You have to like at least 5 posts from our Facebook page every week.
-You have to share at least 5 posts from our Facebook page publicly.
-You have to make 5 posts about NetM in your public profile.


Tier 3 : Having 200+ friends: 2000 NTM
Tier 2 : Having 1000+ friends: 4000 NTM
Tier 1 : Having 2000+ friends: 8000 NTM
Tier 0: Having 5.000+ friends: 10000 NTM
Extra Tier : 15.000+ friends/followers : 20000 NTM


Payouts are paid Sundays (UTC-05:00)


Blog Bounty:
There is a bounty to write an article or video blog about NetM project and claim a up to 100000 NTM. Write at least 500 words in english about NetM Project and expect a review of content before claim it.

Blog Bounty signup form:




NetM Project distributes NTM coins for free for registered accounts at airdrop website.
30000 NTM per eligible account. Then expect follow airdrop with 50% more.



– Bitcointalk account rank must be at least Jr. Member.
– Bitcointalk account must have been created before August 01, 2017, 18:45 UTC, in order to be eligible.
– Junk emails will be ignored.


Other links

ANN page –
Link to airdrop page –

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