[Pre #ICO] BATTLE OF TITANS – Top PvP Arena with crypto store


All figures in the bounty program are indicated based on the fact that 3% of the total emission of BTT tokens is allocated for it. A token pool is generated before the start of the ICO and only then funds are distributed among the participants. Then the funds will be paid to the Etherium wallet compatible with ERC20 token specified during registration and confirmation of the participation in bounty program.


  Tokens distribution:


Twitter, Facebook-20%
Telegram и E-mail subscription-10%
Signatures and avatars-15%
Articles, Blogs, Media-25%
Everything else that wasn’t included in this list, but will definitely appear in the next stages of the program-15%


            Twitter campaign:

>   Follow us on-Twitter
>   Fill in a Google form
>   You can participate in a program, if you have 100 followers.
>   You can use only one account for the campaign.
>   You need to post 5 tweets or 5 retweets weekly with the news from our official Twitter page.

Results update occurs at the end of each week, so the shares are distributed once a week too. You can look at the table with the number of participants and the results here

!We draw your attention to the fact that the percentage of “live” subscribers should be within 70-80%. A participant with “dead” or bot followers will be excluded from our bounty program.!

The number of subscribers directly affects the number of BTT tokens:


¦ 150+ subscribers – 2.5 stakes*week ¦
¦ 500+ subscribers – 7.5 stakes*week¦
¦ 1000+ subscribers – 12.5 stakes*week ¦
¦ 3000+ subscribers – 22.5 stakes*week ¦

The CryptoGames team has the right to exclude spammers (bots) from the program.
The work done by you is checked manually by the members of our team and then the results are added into the table.


            Facebook campaign:

In order to participate in Facebook Bounty Program, it is necessary to go to our page Facebook, and like it.

Fill in a Google form

The number of “shares” will depend on the number of friends:

¦ 100-299 friends – 1 “share” ¦
¦ 300-999 friends – 2 “shares” ¦
¦ 1000-9999 friends – 5 “shares” ¦
¦ Over 10,000 friends – 10 “shares” ¦


            Rewards for participation in FB campaign:


¦ 100-299 friends – 1 stake ¦
¦ 300-999 friends – 2 stakes ¦
¦ 1000-9999 friends – 5 stakes ¦
¦ Over 10,000 friends – 10 stakes ¦

Track the results: here



>   To participate, you must join the Battle Titans chat here: > Telegram
>   Only real accounts from the bitcointalk forum can participate in this campaign. The restriction is one person per an account as you will need to provide us with a nickname at and a Telegram name.
>   At least once a week, it is necessary to be active, so that the shares will be counted for you. All participants and their actions are checked manually.
>   Fill in a Google > form

Reward for participating in Telegram Bounty:10 stakes*week

Track the results > here

Create your own community in Telegram and get 1.5 stakes for each attracted user. At the end of Bounty, the number of participants in the channel (chat) is multiplied by 1.5 after the end of the Campaign.

Moderation and translations:

Available languages for translation:

•   Chinese
•   German
•   French
•   Spanish
•   Japanese


First of all, look at our requirements and recommendations:

•  Translations done by any of the machine translation tools isn’t allowed;
•  Your speech must be constructive to be related to bounty-campaign;

Make translations of the topics of the announcements and get BTT for that. Moderate threads on the forum. Create materials and support our project by sharing more fresh info regarding our game from the official news, announcements, releases, etc.

The most important requirement is to use the official sources of our game. Translate and discuss it with your friends on the forum. If you dedicate a thread to the translation of news, you need to support it.

Translations of the materials are discussed with the representative on this platform. It is somewhere in-between 100-500 stakes for a translation, depending on the quality and understanding of the text being translated.

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