IDEX Decentralized Exchange Bounty Campaign #ICO #Bounty


Learn more about Aurora IDEX in our main ANN thread.

Aurora IDEX has reserved up to ~3% of our token sale (50 DVIP, $150k USD) for use in our bounty. We will be offering the following campaigns:

  • Email list signup campaign (10%)
  • Bitcointalk signature campaign (30%)
  • Media campaign (40%)
  • Discretionary campaign (20%)

Additionally, we have reserved up to 20 DVIP ($60k USD) for our bug bounty.

Bounty start: Start of thread
Bounty end: 1 week after token sale start or 24 hours after all tokens have been sold, whichever comes first

Note: A minimum of 0.01 DVIP needs to be earned to receive DVIP– otherwise, AURA will be given instead at a rate of 50k AURA per DVIP. This is because DVIP has 2 decimals and 0.01 DVIP is the smallest amount anyone can own. For example, if you earned 0.005 DVIP, you would be issued 250 AURA instead of DVIP.

10% Email list sign up campaign (5 DVIP = 250k AURA)

Sign up for our newsletter to participate in this bounty and earn AURA tokens.

  • The total amount in the email list signup campaign will be evenly distributed to all email sign ups received.
  • Email bounty will be distributed in AURA.
  • Limit one per person.
  • After the bounty is complete, we will email all participants that qualify for this bounty to get their payout address.
  • You must remain subscribed to the email list for the entirety of the bounty campaign.
  • One-time use email addresses, known scam/spam email addresses, or people found to have multiple emails will be banned.

Sign up for our newsletter here.

40% Media campaign (up to 20 DVIP)

Contribute articles, videos, or other media to be eligible for this campaign.

Tier values and examples:

Major tier: 0.1+ DVIP

  • Long, detailed writeup about our project that receives a lot of likes and/or views.
  • Article on our project that hits a major news outlet.
  • Video review of the project (min 3 minutes)
  • Hosting an interview with one of our team members.
  • Anything that goes above and beyond

Moderate tier: 0.04 DVIP [$120]

  • Detailed article about our project on a reputable site.
  • A video review of at least a minute and posted in the ANN.

Minor tier: 0.01 DVIP [$30]

  • Well written article posted on a public blog (can be your own)
  • Reddit post that gains at least 10 upvotes with 70%+ upvote ratio. May earn a higher tier for high score posts.

Note: If the maximum amount of 20 DVIP is reached, everyone’s earned amount will be be lowered proportionately.

Submit your media details here
Current submissions can be seen here

20% Fun (Discretionary) campaign (up to 20 DVIP)

We will issue a bounty to users who go above and beyond to help spread the word. Think outside the box! Then shoot us a message and tell us what you did. As long as you did something positive you’ll likely get a reward, so have fun!

Submit your contribution details here
Current submissions can be seen here 

Bug Bounty

We have reserved up to $60,000 (20 DVIP) or more for our bug bounty program. The scope of our bug bounty program includes all smart contracts and major or critical security bugs found on or .

Most of the terms found on also apply to our bug bounty, such as the OWASP reward model and first-come, first-serve. To be eligible, you must give us reasonable time to investigate and mitigate the issue you report before making it public, and you must not exploit the issue for any reason.

Examples of major or critical bugs (non-inclusive):

  • Contract security issues that could result in lost or stolen funds, or an ability to create or destroy tokens.
  • Ability to spend more than you have deposited to IDEX, or withdraw more than you have deposited.
  • Security issues found related to creating or unlocking a wallet.
  • Website security issues that allow code injection or code modification.

Email us at support at with your submission. You may remain anonymous.


Bounties will be issued after Aurora (AURA) tokens have been made available (no more than 2 months after our token sale). Tokens will be made available for trading immediately after being issued. Please see our ANN thread for more details on our timeline. Email us at bounty at with any bounty related questions.


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