PRE-ICO EBS – safe crowdinvesting service #ICO




EBS – safe crowdinvesting service
International investment infrastructure for businesses and private persons


Electronic Bill System (EBS) is a new hybrid crowdinvesting platform: it incorporates both online and offline services in order to provide for and support fiscal relations between businesses and investors.

The EBS Platform will host various startups and projects that aim to expand their businesses. Projects will be selected after a due diligence which will allow us to host only the most promising ones.

EBS is offering guarantee obligations for the investor in the form of promissory notes. Payouts will be made according to the terms set forth in these notes and in compliance with the company’s financial policy.

The promissory note is the oldest paper security. And even though most regulations regarding promissory notes have been created in the beginning of the 20th century, they are still recognized by many countries 


E-VEKSEL.RU is a prototype platform operating succesfully on the Russian market:



ICO: From E-veksel to EBS


EBS is conducting an ICO in order to be able to develop its multifunctional system based on the working prototype. We are also planning to open a network of international representative offices.

The goal of the Company is to raise € 20,000,000 and open offices in different countries around the world, build promissory note issuing machines and develop the two main components of the system: The Broker’s Board and the Exchange, where internal tokens will be converted into fiat currencies.




All transactions on the platform are made using smart-contracts
and blockchain technology and are 100% safe and transperent


Presale timeframe: November 1st – December 1st
50% discount on tokens. 1,096,000 tokens will be sold with this discount


The ICO will start at 10th January and  will last until 10th April 2018

Discount on tokens: 6-10%






EVR Tokens are EBS tokens that can be bought on the Platform. Investors receive annual interest from the Company, and can exchange tokens for EBS promissory notes or notes of other companies, or just sell the tokens after the ICO for quick profit.





Option 1


Receive interest from your tokens:
At the end of a business year 30% of the Company’s profits will be divided between investors depending on the amount of tokens they are holding.


Option 2


Receive interest from your promissory notes:
After the end of the ICO exchange your tokens for EBS notes in order to receive additional 36% yearly interest from your invested funds. You can also select other companies’ notes presented on the EBS Platform.


Option 3


You can also sell your tokens after the end of the ICO to receive profit right away.



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