#BOUNTY 1.400.000CYR Cypher Mobile | Geo Location Game Round #2 #ICO



We are offering our participants a total allocation of 1.400.000 CYR from our overall token supply. Every user can register for the program once only, multiple accounts will be discovered and disqualified!. Bounty campaign members, who use unfair methods, such as spam and fake Likes and Shares, are to be excluded from bounty campaigns and will not receive any rewards.


Campaign Start 17 Oct 2017 – 16 Nov 2017
Ico Start: October 20th, 2017
Ico End: October 27th, 2017
Soft Cap: No SoftCAP
Hard Cap: No HardCap
Total Coin for Bounty:  1.400.000 CYR (9.94 BTC )

Bounty campaign includes 6 categories:

Twitter Campaign                           : 15% 210.000 CYR
Facebook Campaign                        : 15% 210.000 CYR
Article,Blog, Youtube Campaign       : 10% 140.000 CYR
Signature Campaign                       : 35 % 490.000 CYR
Translation & Moderation Campaign : 20% 280.000 CYR
Telegram Campaign                        : 5 % 70.000 CYR

Example: In the signature campaign a campaign participant will get stakes on a weekly basis during the backing campaign and at the end your amount of CYR token will be calculated with the following formula:
(Amount allocated for specified campaign  /  Total amount of stakes)  *  Member’s stakes
Example: 490.000 Allocated /1,000 Total Stakes * 78 Member Stakes =38.220 CYR tokens

We are looking forward to engage with you!

Distribution of Rewards

**If we get less than 100 participants in any campaign until end of crowd sale we’ll reduce funds to half of the respective campaign, except Translation campaign.

Spreadsheet : here


How To Apply :

Follow CypherMobile Twitter
Turn on notification
Join telegram group
Register with the form here

Payment :

Follow : 1 stakes
Retweet : 1 stakes per RT
Tweet : 5 stakes per tweet

Requairment to get tweet stakes

Task For Tweet
share this video and your review about cypher one day one tweet  with Hastag #Cypher #ARGame #Miner #bitcoin

twitter audit 90% (


Newbies its not allowed
Only twitter accounts with more than 1000 followers will be allowed.
The account must be at least 1 month old.
twitter audit 90% (
Likes and retweets regularly, without missing a single week
if we do not tweet in one week, you can share your tweet following task  and link to
If at the end of the campaign, you tweeted more than 2000 times since your registration date, some of your retweets may not be counted.

As from now on we are going to be having daily posts to be shared For social media campaign
To participate in the facebook Bounty Campaign you need to first like our official facebook page here and join telegram here,
share the page and then comment on the page you shared


Make you are  Login to your facebook

– Visit any of these links :
– You will find so many Ethereum,Bitcoin,Cryptocurrency, Miner, ARGame and Altcoin groups
– If you are not member of the groups you have join as many as you can
– After joining the groups and the group Admin approves your request
– Copy Cypher Promotional Post below and post it to group
– You are going to be posting our Promotional to one group everyday.
– After you posted the cypher promo in the group, please click the time you posted the promo which can find above the post by the left. After clicking the time,the link on your browser will be the link to the promo you have posted,copy it and post here,that will serve as proof for task you have completed .
– That is the task you will be doing everyday from now on.


Share the following Cypher Video link on the facebook groups

Video Link :


5 Stakes Per Group Post

You are to check our the Announcement here regularly for the daily instruction on the post to be shared because as it may be changing daily.
To participate in the please REGISTER HERE
Check the List of accepted members HERE


profile must set to public[/li][/list]
Only facebook accounts with more than 500 friends will be allowed.
you should repost everything posted by cypher
if we do not post in one week, you can share your post about cypher the following task
Write tweets about the “Cypher” project using the following hashtags
#Cypher #Miner #bitcoin #etherium and link to

Earn Tokens as a Reward for translating the Announcement Thread of Cypher by moderating the thread and keeping it active through posting regular updates, news or any important announcements in the localized Announcement thread.

Warning: A single post dead thread is useless for the Project and will not be accepted. We expect from the ANN translators to take the responsibility to moderate their threads by keeping them active with translated official announcements, news and updates regularly. If a translator just posts the thread and leaves it dead, with no updates, he will either be disqualified or have his reward reduced by 50%.  There are additional Rewards for active Moderation. So it is paid work.


ANN Thread: 70 stakes
Bounty Thread: 50 stakes
Whitepaper: 100 Stakes
Moderation/Management: 5 Stakes per Valid Post

Notice: If the announcement gets very little or no traction at all, the post will not be counted and stakes will not be awarded.

Posting the translated Announcement in local cryptocurrency Forums will be rewarded as follows:

Views >1000 – 5 Stakes
Views 1000 – 3000 – 10 Stakes
Views 3000 – 5000 – 15 Stakes
Views 5000 – 10.000 – 25 Stakes
Views 10.000+ – 50 Stakes

How to Apply:

1. To Reserve a Language you must join Telegram and PM @Mhweeleruk there. (do not PM here in this forum)
2. After Completing your Translation submit the link using the form: here

Media Download Here


Must be Member or higher ranked user in bitcointalk
Translation should represent original work, if you use tools such as google translate, automatic translators and so on, your submission will be rejected and blacklisted.
For stake counting, only the posts of the OP are counted towards Moderation activity. Translators should be active, if OP becomes inactive, another Moderator will be hired for updating and moderating the thread.
Do not make unnecessary multiple posts to increase stake numbers, this will result in the posts not to be counted and a penalty. Increasing post count by making unnecessary posts is not allowed, and these kind of posts will not be counted.
Bounty Manager and the Team reserve their right to make changes to these terms or apply new ones.

Translation List

Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) :
Français :
India =
Nederlands (Dutch) :
Philippines :
Русский (Russian) :

العربية (Arabic)
Español (Spanish)
中文 (Chinese)
Hrvatski (Croatian)
Deutsch (German)
Ελληνικά (Greek)
עברית (Hebrew)
Italiano (Italian)
한국어 (Korean)
Português (Portuguese)
Română (Romanian)
Türkçe (Turkish)

Earn Tokens as a Reward for joining the Cypher Telegram Group so you can always find out the latest announcements and developments.


5% of total Bounty Pool will be Paid to Telegram Bounty

Telegram User: 3 Stake

How to Apply:

1. Join Telegram:
2. And then Submit your details using the form: here


1. You must register a real account, and only one reward per telegram user and Bitcointalk user.
2. Be active at least once a week.
3. Fill the Form above with your telegram username and Bitcointalk username, submissions will be manually verified.
4  This campaign is limited to 3,000 participants.

How To apply :

Join Telegram
Register with the form here

Payment for article and blog :

Hight Quality : 75 stakes
Good Quality : 50 stakes
Normal Quality : 0 stakes

Everyone can take part by preparing a 500+ words blog post and publishing it online.


100 Stakes For creating Video about Cypher
50 Stakes for sharing the video to 500 to 1000 Youtube Subscribers in your Channel
100 Stakes for sharing the video to 2000 to 5000 Youtube Subscribers in your Channel
200 Stakes for sharing the video to 5001 to 10,000 Youtube Subscribers in your Channel
300 Stakes for sharing the video to 10,001 to 20,000 Youtube Subscribers in your Channel
400 Stakes for sharing the video to 20,001 to 50,000 Youtube Subscribers in your Channel
500 Stakes for sharing the video to 50,000+ Youtube Subscribers in your Channel


Your article must be unique. It can not be a copied and pasted article.. (You can use official images, logos, graphics posted in website, ANN thread, Facebook, and Twitter).
You must be followed by at least 500 users or your article has to be read more than 1000 times.
Videos must be at least 2:00 minute long. Videos under 2:00 minute will not be accepted.
Articles must have 2 links to the official project website ( and a link to the ANN . Make sure to place your ETH address at the end.
In the description of a video, you must have one link to the official website, one link link to the ANN, and your ETH address.
In the description of a video, you have to write 70+ words original text about the Cypher project/ICO.
We reserve the right to consider any article not eligible for this campaign, without giving any reason.

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