#BOUNTY: Glasscoin, Get Free Your Glasscoin with Join Our campaign #ICO


1. Translator (500GLS)
-Sub Forum Translator  + Whitepaper + presentation file
Rules :
– Minimum Sr.Member
– Not google translate ,if we know it we reject.
– You must finished the whitepaper + presentation file translate in 2week
– we need arabic, spain, china, croatia, germany, greece, francis, Hindi , italy, dutch, korea, philippines, poland, portugal, russia, roman, turkey, indonesia, russia
Currently  slot :
Greek/Greece : killerjoegreece (contact via PM)
Indonesia : crossabdd (contact at main thread)
Hindi :erikalui

You can posting your proposal at this thread

2. Youtube review

You can posting your Video at this thread

3. Blog Review

You can posting your Blog/website at this thread

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