#BOUNTY #ICO: Crypterium – Mobile Cryptobank | 3% CRPT REWARD|


Crypterium Official Bounty Program

We hare happy to announce the Crypterium Official Bounty Program

3% of the total supply  will be allocated to the Crypterium Bounty Program.

The program will run until the end of the token sale ( scheduled on the January 18th 2018)



Bounty Allocation

Campaign 1 : Translation & Moderation – 25%

Campaign 2 : Media, Videos & Blog Posts – 15%

Campaign 3 : Twitter – 10%


Translation and moderation

Stakes for each task :

Announcement thread translation : 100 stakes 
Post from the thread author with a relevant news : 15 stakes

Bonus if your thread has more than 1000 views :   50 stakes 

Instructions to participate :

– Fill this Google form
– Notify in this thread when your translation is done, providing a link of the translation.


– One reservation per person
– A single post dead thread will get you disqualified.
– Google Translator ( or other similar tools) work, bad quality work will get you disqualified, apply only if you are able to provide a high quality translation in the requested language.
– Will be counted only the posts bringing a relevant new update, no spam or repeated unnecessary posts allowed.
– Translations have to be posted only on Bitcointalk, no other forums..
– You have 5 days to finish your translation from the moment you fill the form, you will get disqualified if you don’t respect the deadline.
– We only need these languages – Chinese, German, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese

Ann thread : File for translation 


Chinese: fanten DONE
Spanish: jhdeanda 
Turkish: Bonzai DONE
Italian: alex9919 DONE
French: Aerys2 
Portuguese: Continuous 

Check your participation status here


Stakes depending on the followers :

500-1000 followers : 2 stakes
1000-3000 followers : 5 stakes
3000-10000 followers : 8 stakes 
+10000 followers : 10 stakes 

Instructions to participate :

– Follow the Crypterium twitter and then retweet their tweets
– Fill this Google form with your actual followers number
– Report your retweets every 2 weeks in these forms :

Weeks 23/10 – 05/11 ( reports have to be sent on the 07/11 maximum)
Weeks 06/11 – 19/11 ( reports have to be sent on the 21/11 maximum)
Weeks 20/11 – 03/12 ( reports have to be sent on the 05/12 maximum)
Weeks 04/12 – 17/12 ( reports have to be sent on the 19/12 maximum)
Weeks 18/12 – 31/12 ( reports have to be sent on the 02/01 maximum)
Weeks 01/01 – 18/01 ( reports have to be sent on the 20/01 maximum)


– If you don’t fill the form every 2 weeks, your participation will be disqualified.
– Your report has to be sent no later than 2 days after the end of the 2 weeks.
– You have to be at least Newbie to participate.
– The followers number is fixed and won’t be changed after you filled the form.
– Do not retweet tweets that are answers to other users.

Check your participation status here

Media, Videos & Blog Posts

Stakes are based on the quality of the content :

Low Quality : 30 stakes
Average Quality : 50 stakes
High Quality : 100 stakes

Instructions to participate :
– Fill this  form with the link of your video/blog post/article once it’s posted.
– Share your link here.


– The blog must be at least 3 months old
– The blog/video/article must be public
– The blog post/article has to have at least 200 words
– The website/blog where you post the content has to be relevant and connected to crypto/financial world.
– Your article/blog post has to have a good writing quality
– You must have at least 50 subscribers on youtube for a video
– The video has to be of good quality
– Maximum of 3 contents submitted per participant, the same article/blog post can only be posted twice on different websites by the same person
– Only original work is accepted, using the work of someone else or copy/pasting parts of the ann thread/website/whitepaper will disqualify your work(s)
– Any content must have a link to our website and Bitcointalk thread ( in the description for videos)

Check your participation status here

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