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The Movement DAO



Status: 🔴 Campaign not yet launched

The Movement is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that is entirely owned and shaped by its participants. By harnessing the power of the Ethereum computing platform and related cutting-edge technologies, the world’s first fully crowdsourced DAO is being created. Without any central leader and built from the ground up, the Movement supports humans on the internet to come together and create freely.

New and innovative spaces are emerging, communities and markets governed by internet citizens are arising. Independent from government agendas or corporate entities, the Movement uses the latest technology to offer a decentralized and unstoppable breeding ground for people from all around the world to connect and create.

The total supply of our token is 3 million. 300,000 MVT (10% of the total supply) are allocated to The Movement DAO’s Bounty Fund. The fund is governed by the community and is designed to allow the establishment of this extensive bounty campaign.

Anyone who takes part in building and shaping The Movement DAO is eligible to earn MVT tokens through the bounty program.


In the future, the bounty’s funds may be increased by donations, or individual bounty offerings by MVT holders.


More details will be released soon. The following is the basic outline.

1. Infrastructure Campaign100,000 MVT

Contribute to the development of The Movement, take part in the creation of its infrastructure, as well as its promotion.

2. Community & Spheres Campaign100,000 MVT

Participate in the creation of local communities as well as community spheres.

3. Artwork & 3D Creator Campaign100,000 MVT

Create artwork and/or participate in creating 3D models and scenes for Greenpoint, The Movement’s headquarter in the virtual world.

4. Participant Bounty PoolX MVT

Funded by all those who hold MVT and would like to incentivize others to create, more individual bounties set up by The Movement’s participants will be available in the bounty pool over time.

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