Altcoins talks Twitter #Airdrop #Bounty





Everything about this token will be decided together with the whole community.
Everybody will have a saying, no matter how many token he/she holds.
This supports our main goal of building a strong community.




10 million token, split evenly between the participants of a specific stage.


As an ERC20 Token we will provide you with fast transactions. As they are deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain




Concept: done
Website: done
Social Media Channels: done
Community-centered environment: done
Announcement thread: done
Listing on Exchanges: 1 done
Mobile APP for Android and IOS: in progress
Please check full roadmap on the ANN


Contract address: Found on the ANN
Symbol: ALTS
Decimals: 18
Distributed supply: 9.900.000
Aidrops total: 1000 – 5000


Twitter Airdrop


should be following and interacting with:  @AltcoinsTalks
Full requirements:
Submit Application [signup required]


After joining twitter airdrop, please type #join with your twitter username AND address to receive the tokens.
on here >> Submit Application


Make sure to submit your application after joining the airdrop


Get Much More tokens by also joining the main Airdrop campaign:
 >> Join Main Airdrop

*Please note the following:

Many people subscribe multiple times. This will not be tolerated, and punished by disqualification.


Bitcointalk removed previous post due to “On-forum altcoin giveaway / Incentivising posting via low effort tasks.”. Please do not input your
Ethereum address below. You should join and input your address >>  here

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