#ANN #BOUNTY: CCORE – Crypto Payment Platform

What is Ccore?

Ccore is a Crypto Payment Platform that allows people who have cryptocoins / altcoins to spend them on various fiat based online services and stores without losing value on the exchange. And the owners of online-stores will be able to accept cryptocurrency for payment, while not losing part of their profit due to variation of cryptocurrency rate.

What is Ccoin Tokens (CCO)?

Ccore tokens are digital currencies, through which it will be possible to pay in online-stores for products and services.

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Ccore Bounty Campaign


Ccore Bounty Campaign will be managed by:;u=1024739

Ccore Bounty Campaign has stake method.
Stakes you will get from the campaign will allow you to get CCO tokens at the end of the campaign.
You will receive a portion of the total amount of CCO tokens 1% of 100 000 000 tokens up for grabs (1 000 000), based on your number of stakes.

Campaign will last until the end of ICO (end is set to end 30th November, or before if the ICO sells out before the end date).

The bounty calculations will run from a Sunday – Friday 23:59pm server time (weekly) – if you do not have the required posts / retweets / fb posts, etc completed by then they will not be counted for that weeks stakes.

Twitter and Facebook post links should be submitted in this thread before Friday 23:59pm.


Campaign 1: Twitter campaign :     30% allocation
Campaign 2: Facebook campaign :  20% allocation
Campaign 3: Telegram campaign :  10% allocation

General Terms

Bounty rewards will be distributed after the ICO has concluded.
We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign at any time if we think you are not honest, or spamming the forum.
We reserve the right to remove you from any campaign without explaining why we removed you.
If we remove you from the campaign for any reason, we reserve the right to withhold your stakes.
We may not accept you in the campaign, we do not have to explain reasoning for this.
The rank, friends, followers count will be set for the bounty. You will not be upgraded during the campaign.
If you does not meet the minimum amount of posts, you will not receive any stake for the current week. But you will not be removed from the campaign.
Using multi-accounts, cheating or spamming are not allowed. If you are caught doing any of the three your accounts will be removed from the campaign and stakes withheld.
You just read General Terms. Specific campaigns may have other added rules. Therefore, please read other campaigns rules to have specific rules.

Campaign 1: Twitter

Campaign Rates :

Followers                RT           Liked Tweet
250-1000          1 stakes         1 stakes
1001-3000        2 stakes         2 stakes
3001-5000        3 stakes         3 stakes
5001+              5 stakes         5 stakes

Rules :
- Only twitter accounts with more than 250 followers will be allowed.
- RTs must be of the official Ccore account other users tweets that are re-tweeted will not count.
- Only one RT and one liked tweet will be allowed daily.
- Do not RT and like tweets that are more than two weeks old.
- You must paste the links to your tweets in this thread before Friday 23:59pm with your twitter handle.
- We reserve the right to not consider your twitter account eligible for this campaign, even if you meet the prerequisites.
- If at the end of the campaign, you tweeted more than 2000 times since your registration date, some of your retweets may not be counted. The same rule applies for likes.

How to participate :

Please fill out the attached google form:
You can track your progress here:

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________

Campaign 2: Facebook

Only users with at least 400 friends and followers can participate in Facebook Campaign
Users must follow Official Ccore Facebook account
To participate in Facebook Bounty reward allocation, during ICO, users must make at least 7 shares of Ccore official account’s postings and write 7 posts about Ccore project with #Ccore hashtag and any image inserted
Only 1 like and 1 share from 1 user per day are allowed
Users with a Negative trust status are not allowed to participate in Facebook Campaign
You must post the links to your likes / sharess in the thread before Friday’s cut off.
The number of friends you have when first applying to join the bounty campaign will be set for the duration.
If your facebook is not accessible to be viewed you will not be eligible for any stakes.

Rates :

Friends            Share          Like
400-1500       1 stakes     1 stakes
1501-3000     2 stakes     2 stakes
3000+           3 stakes     3 stakes

How to participate :

Please fill out the attached google form:
You can track your progress here: https:

_______________________________________________________________________________ ________________________

Campaign 3: Telegram

Users must join Ccore chat and news channal and being active.

How to participate :

Please fill out the attached google form:
You can track your progress here:

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