МЕТТА — is a platform to order offline services, gathering multiple
service providers in a single application.
It is a mobile solution based on geolocation and block-chain. It includes
in-house currency, a system of true comments and a messenger.


Metta — ordering any offline service is now as
easy as calling a taxi.

This bounty campaign will last for 2 weeks. The presale will begin on 20th of November. We will awarding 5 027 612 Metta Token (2,5 %). We reserve our right to decrease the allocated amount for each campaign if that certain campaign doesn’t reach expected number of participants.

Presale will start on Monday November 20th, 2017. Bounty distribution will happen Token Distribution Event ends.

Bounty Allocation

  • Media/Article/Youtube Bounty 
  • Twitter Bounty
  • Translation & Moderation Bounty 
  • Telegram 

General Rules

  • Stakes will be distributed every week, once a week on Sunday 23:59 forum time.
  • First week of the bounty campaign will start on 6 of November, Monday.
  • For any questions regarding the bounty campaign, you can contact me through PM, write a post to this thread or join Metta Telegram channel.
  • We reserve our right to eliminate you if we think you haven’t been honest with your work.
  • We reserve the right to change bounty campaign rules.
Media/Article/Youtube Campaign


  • You can publish your content through your website/Medium or blog or Youtube channel.
  • Youtube videos must be at least 1 minute long. You must have at least 50 organic subscribers.
  • Your Medium/ or any other free blogging blog page should have at least 50 followers. Your article must be original and contain at least 300 words.
  • You should have links to our website and whitepaper.
  • You will get stakes based on the quality and popularity of your work, reviewed at the end of the campaign.
  • You are not allowed to use Google translate. If you do, you will be eliminated.
  • You are allowed to use any information or graphic from official sources. You are not allowed to copy paste our whitepaper or blogs.

Submit your publication: 
Spreadsheet of submitted publications: 

Twitter Campaign


  • All participants must follow our official Twitter account.
  • Your auidit score must be more than %90.
  • We will check every participant to make sure their Twitter acount is genuine.
  • Your Twitter account must be mainly about cryptocurrencies. We will also accept media personalities.

Stakes: (stakes double if you have more than 10 000 followers)

We will accept anyone with more than %90 audit score.

If you have more than 1000 followers you’ll get:
– 1 stake for following
– 0.5 stake for retweeting
– 0.5 stake for like
– 3 stake for custom tweet

If you have less than 1000 followers you’ll get:
– 1 stake for following
– 0.25 stake for retweeting
– 0.25 stake for like
– 1.5 stake for custom tweet

2 costum tweets per user for a single week.

Application Form:

Translation Campaign


  • We will ask you to translate our ANN thread and Bounty thread.
  • If we find out you’ve used Google Translate, you will be banned from the campaign as a whole.
  • You are expected to moderate and update your thread with our news and updates to our ANN thread, at least twice a week.
  • You are expected to finish ANN and Bounty threads translation in 2 days after you’ve assigned with the job.
  • ANN Thread translation will earn you 5 stakes, Bounty thread translation will earn you 5 stakes. At the end of the campaign we will distribute moderation stakes depending on your activity from 1 stake to 10 stakes.

Application Form:



  • Join our Telegram and get 1 stake!
  • Total bounty allocated will be divided to the number of participants.


Application Form:

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