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EMU – is an application for smartphones based on iOS and Android is designed to bring communication between the visitor and the restaurant to a whole new level. Waiting for a waiter, order delivery mishaps and errors, the human factor – all this remains in the past thanks to a simple mobile program that will be available in the APP Store and Play Market application stores.

Globalization and the development of information society increasingly lead to some failures in the traditional patterns of interaction between visitors and employees of cafes and restaurants. You can agree that quite often we face up with some problems in ordering the necessary dishes in different places.
Often, to these troubles are added confusion when you want to pay separate positions from the check or unnecessary waste of time waiting until the waiter will bring you the terminal for the credit card. All these problems in the traditional menu and the way of ordering in restaurants, which has not been changed for more than 200 years, could be solved by the new global EMU application.


Developers of EMU Project managed to combine technologies of blockchain and fifteen years of experience in the service industry. In fact, we have created a new ecosystem in the restaurant business, which will greatly simplifies life for customers, staff and restaurant owners. By installing the EMU mobile application users immediately receives all information about the restaurant menu: best offers, current availability, which is updated in real time.
In addition, the language barrier problems are easily solved offering multi-languages menu with top quality photos of food and drinks and video reviews of restaurant. Among other things, the mobile program at one touch allows you to search a restaurant in the specified area, book a table without phone confirmation, instantly pay for the service in one click, quickly call the waiter with a special button and leave or read a review about the place and the quality of service. There is also an option to order delivery from your favorite restaurant.

With EMU application, you do not need to wait when waiter will come and write your order. Using EMU all this will happen just in a few moments.
The payment for services occurs similarly. To call the waiter and pay with a credit card or even with crypto currency, simply click the button on your smartphone. No need to wave your hand, scream through the entire hall and wait until they bring you the bill.

The benefits of EMU for business and customers
The EMU project is an electronic menu in the form of the application for smartphones running under iOS and Android operating systems, which together occupy 98.4% of the smartphone market. To imagine the potential of the application, just realize that the number of Android users has already exceeded the 2 billion mark.

For creating the order in the EMU program, you need to go to the restaurant or cafe connected to the EMU system and launch the application on the smartphone. The program will automatically determine the place in which the user is located and point the table reservation location. In addition, the program will provide you with choice making and help to order food and drinks, without waiting until the waiter approaches.

EMU program will help you to make a choice and order food and drinks, without waiting for the waiter. You can pay for the order, including tips, by using payment method in any currency. Such approach allows eliminating a huge number of issues faced by visitors and employees of cafes and restaurants.
The current traditional restaurant menu system and the principle of the service sector have many shortcomings. With each passing year, technology is developing, the world is accelerating, and the old methods are getting worse. Thanks to the use of EMU, we solve the most common problems of customers and provide an opportunity to provide quick order accomplishing, language barrier elimination, instant waiter response, simple table reservations, separate payments for one check of one table and much more.

The benefits that business gets are equally important. EMU program will reduce the operating costs, the impact of the human factor, the percentage of mishaps, theft and fraud with checks, etc. We are absolutely convinced that the EMU mobile platform has got a great potential for development and we are ready to open this project for the global economy.

The EMU application will be available on the App Store and Play Market, as well as on the project official website. In addition, it can be downloaded at restaurants that use this platform. Monetization of the project is carried out on the basis of commission from the order.

Today there are no such companies that could offer a simple and convenient solution for both the user and business. We represent EMU – an application that will revolutionize the service industry.

PRE ICO START: 1.12.2017
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