Oracles Network: #Bounty to Smart Community

Oracles Network Bounty Program:
Bounty to Smart Community

We are offering our community participants a total allocation of 0.5% from our overall token supply. The total number of tokens in circulation may vary, depending on the actual amount raised during Token Sale (our hard cap is $25,000,000)

  • Content Campaign – 30%
  • Oracles Network Challenge Campaign (Wild Card) – 20%
  • Bug Bounty Pool – 15%
  • Bitcointalk Local Ambassadors – 20%
  • Community Advisors – 15%

At Oracles Network, where consensus is reached by known respectable individuals, we value the community and appreciate how everyone’s efforts can amplify the power of the network. We designed our Bounty Program to nurture meaningful engagements and to empower our true supporters. As the result, we place the most emphasis on creating content and contributing to the Oracles Network ecosystem. This way, together we can build a genuine community of interesting and interested people that together will steer the growth and evolution of Oracles Network.

The Bounty Campaign starts from the moment this post is published; it lasts till the end of the Token Sale.

Content Campaign – 30%

We are looking for thought leaders and blockchain enthusiasts with established audiences who are interested in blockchain scalability topic. We are interested in a variety of content formats that would place Oracles Network within the crypto universe and explain it to the blockchain community at large. We welcome quality articles, infographics, blog posts, videos and other kinds of publications.

Couple of ideas for potential publications to give you the right direction:

  • Comparison of PoA with other consensus mechanisms (using Oracles Network as an example)
  • Comparison of Oracles Network and existing blockchain scalability solutions
  • Overview of Oracles Networ

Make sure that you get approved for the bounty before getting down to work!

All publications should be original and informative. Based on the quality of the content, the size and quality of the audience, the authors will be rewarded with 1-10 stakes per publication.
There is no limit as far as the number of publications from one author. All the publications should be made before we officially announce the end of our tokensale.
The maximum number of stakes will be 1000, while the minimum is 200. If there will be fewer stakes issued than minimal number, we will distribute tokens based on the minimal number of stakes.

*Note: to be eligible for this bounty, you should first like and follow Oracles Network on:


Oracles Network Challenge Campaign (Wild Card) – 20%

This is a wild card: we look for resourcefulness, elegant solutions, interesting ideas and beyond.
At Oracles Network, we strongly support the open source culture and we believe that the most innovative use cases can come from the community members. We want to empower the blockchain community to articulate and execute the ideas of implementing Oracles Network. This is about unleashing true power of decentralization.
Oracles Network Challenge involves BOTH solving tasks we will periodically share and coming up with your own ideas. The tasks will be announced for the pool participants, and contributions to solving these tasks will be evaluated on the case-by-case basis. Stay tuned for those!
The ideas will be assessed if they are sufficiently developed and well articulated.

Here are directions they may take:

  • mockup/ prototype of a DApp built on top of Oracles Network;
  • development of a new, not yet explored use-case;
  • deployment of a project/smart contract based on Oracles Network;
  • development and execution of ideas to strengthen Oracles Network community

Every contribution or project will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and thus, there is no maximum numbers of stakes per person

*Note: to be eligible for this bounty, you should first like and follow Oracles Network on:


Bug Bounty Pool – 15%

We believe in the power of the community to help us make Oracles Network as robust as possible. That’s why 15% of the total bounty pool will be dedicated to finding bugs and reporting the scam attempts. There is no limit for the number of stakes per bug, since this very much depends on the complexity of the issue found. The person submitting the bug also has to provide some more direct indication on where he / she thinks the issue lies and how it could be fixed.
We will reward those who discovered and reported serious bugs/vulnerabilities significantly more. You will have an opportunity to work with the team discussing, reviewing, and fixing those issues.

In case no bugs are detected, the named 15% go to the Oracles Network Wild Card bounty pool.

*Note: to be eligible for this bounty, you should first like and follow Oracles Network on:


Bitcointalk Local Ambassadors – 20%

20% of the bounty pool will be allocated to the Translation campaign — a reward for translating the original post, and managing Oracles Network page in the local threads of Bitcointalk (translation of Bitcointalk original post + updates, as well as answering community questions)

Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Only members with profile rank Member or higher can participate.
  • Each successful applicant should translate the original Bitcointalk post of Oracles Network, create country/language specific thread on Bitcointalk, and publish the translation. Each approved campaign participant will receive 5 stakes for the translation of the original post.
  • Also, the member should do minimum 5 posts per week in the local Oracles Network thread, where the ambassador should answer the questions and publish translation of news and updates. If ambassadors fail to post at least 5 posts per week, they will be disqualified. For every successfully moderated week, ambassadors will  receive 3 of stakes, depending on the number and quality of the posts made.
  • Spamming and trolling of any kind will get the participant disqualified.
  • Google translate or any other automatic translation tools are not permitted. Participants using them will not be eligible for bounties.
  • The Bitcointalk account you specified in the application form must be the same Bitcointalk account you publish the posts on.
  • All posted materials need to remain public at least until the end of Oracles Network tokensale campaign.
  • No tampering with the meaning of texts and posts, no abridging of information or any other structural or conceptual changes are allowed.
  • Country and language specific posts updates need to correspond with the updates of the original content.
  • Participants must ask help from the Oracles Network team whenever any uncertainties with regards to answering the questions arise.

The maximum number of stakes will be 1500, while the minimum is 500. If fewer stakes awarded than the minimal number, we will distribute tokens based on the minimal number of stakes.

We are looking for ambassadors who speak Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Indian, Russian and other languages as well.

Each language/country specific thread has to contain the following disclaimer:

“This document represents a translation of Oracles Network original English Language white paper / post (provide the link). Only original documents represent official source of information about Oracles Network and its tokensale. In the course of this translation, some of the information contained in the original document may have been lost, corrupted, or misrepresented. The accuracy of the translation cannot be guaranteed. In the event of any conflicts or inconsistencies between this translation and the official English language documents, the provisions of the English language original shall prevail”

*Note: to be eligible for this bounty, you should first like and follow Oracles Network on:

Community Advisors – 15%

We value and appreciate your input in the discussions that we have in telegram, bitcointalk, reddit and twitter.
By the end of each week the founder of Oracles Network will chose best performers (people who asked best questions, who helped peers, who grew the community, and who actively and meaningfully participated in the dialogues) and they will be awarded with ORC tokens.

You don’t have to apply for this program, just be active and we will reach out to the winners on a weekly basis. We will publicly announce who was selected each week as well.

The maximum number of stakes will be 1000, while the minimum is 300. If there will be fewer stakes issued than minimal number, we will distribute tokens based on the minimal number of stakes.

*Note: to be eligible for any Bounty, you should first like and follow Oracles Network on:

Bounty campaign members, who use unfair methods, do not follow bounty rules or do not commit to minimum requirements will be excluded from bounty campaigns.

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