#BOUNTY: PODONE Bounty – Giving away 5 Million QBE


PODONE is launching a Bounty Program. This is the chance for our community members to earn some bounty bonus. All you need to do is to Promote PODONE and get QBE Tokens for being a foundational community member.

PODONE plans to bridge the gap between the need and supply of trained contact centre specialists and eliminate/reduce the money lost due to employee idle time. The token pre-sale will launch on November 8, 2017, 08:00 GMT and run until November 21, 2017, 08:00. The Crowdsale will open on December 8, 2017 08:00 GMT and end on January 8, 2018 08:00 GMT. To know about PodOne visit our Website here:

The Bounty will be distributed once the Token Sale is complete. Remember when you share/retweet PODONE social content, each share/retweet requires a separate post submission within this PodOne Bounty Thread to confirm your contribution. Only the submitted post will be counted for bounty bonus.

To be eligible for ANY bounty program, all bounty participants MUST join our official telegram channel of PODONE. For ANY bounty program, you MUST send us an email at for us to provide you with the link to the Google sheet (Status Sheet) of your corresponding bounty program mentioning your:
1.   Telegram Username,
2.   Bounty program you are participating,
3.     Facebook and Twitter Profile URL.(if Participating)
4.   Wallet address (Please do not share your wallet address in this thread publicly)
5.     Your bitcointalk profile URL

Irrespective of the bounty program you are joining, you MUST send an email to in order to be eligible. A confirmation email of your participation will be sent to you.

The Status Sheet will be updated once a week – every Sunday.



For any issues feel free to contact our bounty manager @iammurtaza (Telegram Username)


The bounty structure is as follows:

Telegram (250,000 Qubicles)

YouTube videos (750,000 Qubicles)

Blog and website articles. (750,000 Qubicles)

Twitter and Facebook. (1,000,000 Qubicles)

Translation Campaign. (500,000 Qubicles)

Any other platform (750,000 Qubicles)


•   Reserved for exceptional performers (250,000 Qubicles)


Check Your Status Here = [CLICK HERE]
Telegram campaign: (250 000 QBE)

Join our PodOne official telegram channel to receive QBE tokens. CLICK HERE

250,000 QBE

First 500 members will be alloted 40% (200QBE per head) of the total bounty
Later all other joining members will be provided 10 QBE per week.


Participate actively in our community by asking relevant question about PODONE. This will be noted by the Telegram community admins.


  • One telegram registration as per IP address.
  • Must remain on this channel until the ICO is over.
  • We will keep an eye for inactive members and they will be disqualified from the Telegram Campaign.
  • Must maintain a healthy attitude and behaviour. Abusive behaviour will be warned and might get removed. So be gentle.
 YouTube (750,000 QBE)

Use your YouTube channel to discuss and review PodOne project.

750,000 QBE


500 to 15000 QBE will be alloted to the member per video but that will be decided by the concern department  as per your quality and discussion content.


  • Discuss and give a positive review of our project.
  • Post your PodOne project videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Post your YouTube link within the PodOne Bounty Thread along with your Telegram Username.


  • post a positive review
  • discuss your contribution with the marketing director
  • Post a link to your YouTube channel in PodOne Bounty Thread along with your Telegram Username.
  • Refer PodOne own YouTube Channel in the description of your video –
Blog and website (750,000 QBE)

You can earn QBE tokens by reviewing and posting PodOne project on your blogs and websites. According to the quality of post following our review, the token rewards will be allotted accordingly.
750,000 QBE

500 to 10000 QBE will be alloted per blog or article. But this depends on the quality of your work which will be determined by the management.


  • Post and review the PodOne project on your website and blog. Please link to the official website, the pre-sale/ICO page and the BitCoinTalk ANN thread.
  • Post a link to your website and blog article within the PodOne Bounty Thread along with your Telegram Username.
  • Rewards will be allotted as per your article quality after our review.
Twitter/Facebook (1,000,000 QBE)

Follow and like the PodOne official page/account. Updates are regularly uploaded around this project. So in order to claim your rewards follow and like the official page and share those updates at least 1 per day along with the hashtag PODONE (#PODONE) until the ICO ends.

URL of official page Facebook click here –

URL of official page Twitter click here –

1,000,000 QBE

10 QBE will be provided per share/retweet.


  • follow and like the official account PodOne
  • share and retweet all the updates
  • post a link of your share and tweet within the PodOne Bounty Thread along with your Telegram Username.


  • Twitter account needs at least 200 friends.
  • Facebook account holder needs at least 300 friends.
  • Share and retweet the updates at least 1 per day.
  • Post the link of your share/retweet here in the PodOne Bounty Thread along with your Telegram Username.
  • Remember only 1 share or retweet will be counted for the bounty bonus per day.
  • Do not use abusive language or negative post since it may disqualify the participant permanently.

Translation Campaign (500,000 QBE)

Earn QBE translating PodOne Whitepaper into these languages:
1.   French
2.   Spanish – Booked
3.   Mandarin
4.   Hindi – Booked
5.   Filipino – Booked
6.   Russian – Booked
7.   Arabic

If you want to translate into any other languages not mentioned above, contact the marketing manager through his Telegram ID and he will advise after discussion with the team.

Translations without approval are not eligible! Only the user who gets approval will get paid.

500,000 QBE

Whitepaper translation: 5,000 QBE/Translation


  • Only experienced users will be accepted.
  • Google Translator or similar tools not allowed, translation quality will be verified.
  • In order to participate, reserve your translation language by replying to this PodOne Bounty Thread along with your Telegram Username.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm your participation
  • Language translations will be offered on a first come first serve basis to this bounty thread
Any other platform (750,000 QBE)

There are also other platforms where you can promote our project. Post the link here in the PodOne Bounty Thread. Those articles or reviews will be reviewed for the bounty bonus. But depending upon the quality, rewards will be allotted.

750,000 QBE


For any other campaign initiative by you will be in this category and any promotional activity will be rewarded but that will be considered by the marketing director.


  • Post the link to your platform you used for the promotion of PodOne in PodOne Bounty Thread along with your Telegram Username.
  • Any negative and wrong reviews will be permanently disqualified.

Good luck to all participants!

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