Dear community! We are happy to announce the upcoming ICO campaign of EtherSport.

EtherSport is an innovative online sports lottery platform. Based on blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts.

EtherSport offers an absolutely another betting experience to the players from all over the world.

  • Security;
  • Simple registration;
  • Participation and jackpot payout anonymity;
  • Transparency of all money operations;
  • 0% probability of influencing the result;
  • Quick payouts;
  • No centralized determination of coefficient;
  • No hidden withdrawal fees;
  • Project scalability due to the broad target audience;
  • Limitless reward amounts.

Invest in our tokens ESC based on Ethereum and get 15% profit share from sports lotteries! ICO starts 13 Nov, 2017.

Ethersportcoin (ESC) is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum platform.

ESC tokens can be used as:

  • platform currency for buying lottery tickets;
  • an investment to get profit share 15% of the raised money from each lottery;
  • a speculative commodity to trade on an exchange.

Now is a great chance to get tokens during the ICO.

100,000,000 ESC tokens will be created in total.
70,000,000 ESC will be distributed publicly within Pre-ICO and ICO (70%).



The main idea of our project is that our lottery, contrary to many similar services, is not based on guessing the random numbers, but involves exact determination of the sports events results, which cannot be influenced by anyone. This implies that the players have analytical skills. Such lottery type allows players not only to guess the game results by using their knowledge, but also get an additional satisfaction from the view of the sports events and support of their favourite teams, which they have chosen in the ticket. The same can be said about the bets placed between the players within our project, an analogue of the betting exchange.

EtherSport improves the service in this business field by new technologies, namely, blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. Such improvement is directed not only to the convenience of the technical service for the players, but also to the guarantee of the fairness and full transparency of the process, which is done thanks to the new technologies.


๏ Simple registration to participate in the draw games
All the world bookmaker companies, as well as lotteries and betting exchanges are very demanding in terms of the identity verification towards the player who is willing to participate in the draw games. They say, it lowers the unfair game attempts of the users. The smart contracts system automatically eliminates the fraud probability, which is why you only need to register a wallet and play anonymously.

๏ The ability to use as much funds as possible
When it comes to the EtherSport decentralized system, there is no need in limiting the betting amount for players, which is common for the centralized services. Thanks to the smart contracts, the system tracks the financial status of the players, betting fairness, and distributes the rewards.

๏ The ability to get an almost instant payout   
Contrary to the traditional gambling companies where the big payout is withdrawn in pieces, our players can withdraw the ESC rewards in the shortest time. There is no need for the billing system or payment cards. Only the player is free to choose how they will use the reward.

๏ Full independence 
EtherSport is fully independent from regulation, including the governmental one, which usually leads to financial losses and possible problems for the players because of the unforeseen obstacles.

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