The number of ICO’s this year has increased ten fold from the preceding year. The ability to track these ICOs has become very difficult and aims to cut through this noise by only listing on a small list of ICOs on the platform. We allow our users to not be inundated with too much noise when looking for an ICO to contribute to allowing projects to be found by the community.

By using the airdropped ICB token, users are able to contribute tokens to the projects they feel support the most. The greater the amount of ICB contributions, the greater the community support. We are creating a community driven rating for ICOs listed on our platform.

We only list ICOs we believe will succeed, participants should assume all ICOs we list have a vested interest/involvement by the team. The community must assume we have a bias towards selecting projects and make their own decision. We want to support these projects by promoting & allowing the community to participate in voting for their success.

Instructions for Airdrop eligibility:

1- Join the telegram and say something!
2- Follow us on twitter –
3- Like our FB –
4- Fill out our form to be eligible –

Distribution of the airdrop will be in February 2018. This will be given after the airdrop limit has been reached.


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