#BOUNTY #ICO: Titanium Infrastructure – We Are the Revolution

9.5% of the total supply (3,325,000 BAR equal to $3,325,000) will be allocated to the bounty campaign




● Bounty campaign starts on Dec. 6, 2017
● 9% of the total supply will be allocated to the bounty campaign
● Bounty will be ended when ICO ends
● Calculation and Distribution may take some times
● The bounty programs are: Signature campaign, Twitter & Facebook campaign, Translation & Moderation campaign, Slack, Discord, & Telegram campaign, Article/Blogs, and Creative videos campaign
● Wednesday is the day for weekly counting, Tuesday is the last day for weekly period. Basically, each week period started on Wednesday, ended on Tuesday 23:59 the next week
● Weekly report can be posted after weekly period ends
20% of the total allocation
Twitter (10%)

By joining to the signature campaign, all of the participants will be given the stakes by finishing the tasks as follows:

● 300-600 Followers : 5 stakes
● 600-1000 Followers : 7,5 stakes
● 1000 or more Followers : 10 stakes
– Must retweet atleast once per week
– RT must be public
– No inactive twitter accounts allowed
– Real followers must be above 80%
– Follow TBIS’s twitter.(
– Always report the result of your work weekly to this topic

Facebook (10%)

– Like TBIS’s facebook page (
– Participants’ account must have atleast 500 friends or followers
– Always report the result of your work weekly to the given format in this topic
– Every share and like of TBIS’s posts will be counted
– Always report your work weekly in this topic
as below:
● Like : 2 Stakes
● Share : 3 Stakes

15% of the total allocation

– Only quality translators will be accepted
– Your past works is really important and will be the factors to decide whether you’re a quality translator or not
– No translation with automated translator will be accepted and if found, will be disqualified immediately and will NOT receive the payment
– Dead thread with barely any replies and never gets updated will result in the halvening of your stakes
– We need the translation of our ANN, Bounty page, and Whitepaper
– Do not translate anything before we approve your application
Each translated content will be rewarded as follows:
● ANN thread: 20 stakes
● Bounty page: 20 stakes
● Whitepaper 50 stakes
● Moderation: 2 stakes/week

How to apply:
To reserve a language please post your interest with some of your past works and we will PM selected applicants and post a list of accepted translators.

Portfolio/experience/previous translations links
Do you want to reserve white paper translation Y/N
Do you want to reserve ANN & Bounty Thread translation Y/N
ETH address

After finishing your translation, fill in this form with your translation and other details

10% of the total allocation

● Joining to Telegram : 1 stake
● Joining to Discord : 1 stake
● Joining to Slack : 1 stake

– Multiple accounts is not allowed, if get caught, will be disqualified and will NOT receive the payment
– No spamming, flamming, and flooding

20% of the total allocation
Article & Blogs

– Articles and blogs must have quality
– Copying other content is not allowed. (You can use official images, logos, graphics posted in website, ANN thread, Facebook, and Twitter)
– Articles must be longer than 500 words
– Articles must have atleast 4 links to the official project (Could be Website, ANN, Whitepaper, Facebook, Twitter, and more)
– Stakes will be depending on the quality (1,3,5,7 stakes)

Creative Videos

– Must have quality
– Talking about the positive side of the project
– Must atleast mention 2 links to the project
– Longer than 1 minutes and 30 seconds
– The title of video must include “Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services” or mentioning the project
– Stakes will be depending on the quality (1,3,5,7 stakes)

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