#BOUNTY #ICO: Banana Coin- World’s first blockchain option

Extra – Bounty!
Translate and communicate campaign

1.   It is necessary to make a translation of the site and related documents on it
(except «general terms and conditions» and «token sale agreement», they stay published only original ).
2.   Create local thread (using information from site and add news (at least twice a week)
(thread must have well-readable invitation to the Local and English telegram group in the first post)
3.   Communicate with telegram community, answer for questions and welcome invitations.

We are looking for:

– Korean

– Arabic

– French

– Lao

– Indonesian

– Turkish

– Hindi

– German


Japanese – we have WP and site, need some documents and local ANN (for this 400, not 1000)

Chinese – we have WP and site, need some documents and local ANN (for this 400, not 1000)

Ukrainian – in process (you can apply queue up)

Russian – done

English – done

Spanish – done

– Good knowledge of the English (or Russian) and Excellent of the Native language, the advantage of Native
– Only quality translations are accepted.
– Neutral or green rating of BTT
– 2 days to create BTT thread at your local language with Telegram Channel invitation
– 7 days to translate site and documents
– If you cannot complete the task within the time given to you, we will assign a new translator.
– You are expected to moderate and update your thread with our news and updates, at least twice a week.
– Join your Local and English telegram group
– After 50+ new active real users at telegram chat you become to a local community manager.

–   Translate and thread creation – 1000 BCO
–   If you become from translator to local community manager  + 500 BCO
–   If telegram group will grow by more than 500 people  + 400 ВСO
(invitation through bots or spam, artificial wrapping will result in the licking of all rewards)
–   More than 5000 views at your btt thread + 500 BCO
–   Dublikating thread at reddit, medium, 10 twits and 10 posts in facebook with hashtag #BananaCoin +100 BCO
–   Extra reward for grand activity

>>>> Participate HERE <<<<

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