#BOUNTY #ICO: Kalkulus ⚒The Community backed cryptocurrency ⚒ Buy @

Open-source community driven cryptocurrency, easy to mine and fairly distributed through mining and rewards campaign.
Windows, MacOS and Linux client allow to send and receive payments with near-zero cost through peer-to-peer anonymous transactions.
Buy, sell and trade KLK with BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies on all major altcoin exchanges.




This bounty campaign will last for ONLY 4 WEEKS. KLK coins is listed on exchanges and tradable. The Coin price is very cheap at the moment. This is a long term project. Kalkulus team is offering 400 000 KLK coin through this program which is distributed end of the campaign.





Bounty Coins will be held here until end of the campaign. To get a Kalkulus address just download your client or get an address on You will find all info on the official website.

Bounty Allocation

  • Signature Bounty 60%
  • Twitter Bounty 40%

General Rules

  • Signature stakes will be distributed every week, twitter stakes will be calculated end of the campaign.
  • First week of the bounty campaign will start on 17th of December, Sunday.
  • For any questions regarding the bounty campaign, you can join our discord or slack channels.
  • We reserve our right to eliminate you if we think you haven’t been honest with your work.
  • We reserve the right to change bounty campaign rules.
Twitter Campaign


  • All participants must follow our official Twitter account.
  • Your audit score must be more than 90%.
  • We will check every participant to make sure their Twitter account is genuine.
  • Your Twitter account must be mainly about cryptocurrencies. We will also accept media personalities.
  • You have to have at least 100 real followers.
  • Everyone has to report their Likes and Retweets every week.
  • You can report max 3 Retweets and 3 Likes.[/size]
  • To help with this, we will add dates on the Twitter spreadsheet on weeks.

Stakes: (stakes double if you have more than 10 000 followers)

We will accept anyone with more than %90 audit score.

If you have more than 1000 followers you’ll get:
– 1  stake for retweeting
– 1  stake for like

If you have less than 1000 followers you’ll get:
– 0.5 stake for retweeting
– 0.5 stake for like 

Application Form:

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