#BOUNTY #ICO: IZETEX Platform for independent game developers


IZETEX is an open blockchain Platform for independent game developers with elements of augmented and virtual reality. We invite everyone to participate in project development, mobile app promoting, product quality enhancement so that we can together conduct a successful crowdsale.
6% of total token supply will be distibuted to bounties. 1 IZX ERC20 = 1$. Bounty will be paid in IZX ERC20 tokens. Bounty will proceed till spring 2018.

350.000 IZX erc-20 –  Sneakers
335.000 IZX erc-20 – Signature and Avatar
300.000 IZX erc-20 – Bounty campaign for advertisers
300.000 IZX erc-20 – Translations
300.000 IZX erc-20 – Media
300.000 IZX erc-20 – Twitter
300.000 IZX erc-20 – Facebook
200.000 IZX erc-20 – Instagram
200.000 IZX erc-20 – Community management
200.000 IZX erc-20 – Youtube
100.000 IZX erc-20 – Meetup
100.000 IZX erc-20 – Creative
15.000 IZX erc-20 – Telegram

You can help the team by involving different offline sales points for promotion of IZETEX.


• Advertisers with 1 offline salepoint [50 IZX erc-20] (for every subsequent salespoint 20 IZX erc-20, after 10 salespoints – 15 IZX erc-20)
• With a network of more than one city [50 IZX erc-20] (international)

1. Cheating users will be disqualified;
2. You have to leave 50 IZX Drive tokens at the every offline sales points to get IZX erc-20 tokens.

You can help the team explain to other users how IZETEX works. Community management requires not only to moderate, but to interact with users, develop brand awareness and popularity and so on.


•Bitcointalk ANN thread community management [35 IZX erc-20, weekly payment]

1. Only for BTT Full Members and up;
2. Please send DM to SANDRA EVANS to participate bounty.

We need the following translations for Website, Whitepaper, Articles:
Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Malaysische, Hindi, German, Spanish


•Website translation – 500 IZX erc-20
•Whitepaper – 800 IZX erc-20
•Articles – 75 IZX erc-20
•App – 300 IZX erc-20
•Voice presentation – 350 IZX erc-20

1. Translation must be original, without automatic translation tools such as Google Translate;
2. If automatic translation is detected, the translator will be immediately disqualified.

You can get stakes for publishing articles about IZETEX



1.Low quality articles will not be accepted;
2.Articles must be genuine. Copying graphics, text and other content is not allowed. (You can use official images, logos, graphics posted on the website, ANN thread, Facebook and Twitter). If your article will be more than 50% non original the quality of your article will be  set as low;
3.Articles must be longer than 1000 characters, otherwise they will not be accepted;
4.Article must have a link to the official website;
5.Medium, Steemit, Newbium, and other general/free blogging platforms are allowed but only one post will be accepted on those platforms per user;
6.Good or High quality will be count only if you have 50 views or higher.

Tokens per article:

High quality – 200 IZX erc-20
Good quality – 100 IZX erc-20

+ Bonus up to 1000 IZX erc-20 if article / video gets viewed 1000+ times.

You can get tokens for advertising on your own page


• IZX with 50K followers – [2500 IZX erc-20]
• IZX with 30K to 50k followers – [2000 IZX erc-20]
• IZX with 15K to 30K followers [1500 IZX erc-20]
• IZX with 10K to 15K followers [1250 IZX erc-20]
• IZX with 5K to 15K followers [1000 IZX erc-20]
• IZX with 1K to 5K followers [500 IZX erc-20]
• For users with followers from 300 to 1K the following conditions: 4 post/week with the hashtags #izx #ixetex #izx_bounty [30 IZX erc-20, weekly]

1. You must be a subscriber to the official Instagram IZX;
2. You must have at least 300 subscribers;
3. You must have at least 80% real followers, if we’ll admit that the  percentage of fake followers more than 20% you will be banned;
4. Privacy settings should be open;
5. Like and do repost publications IZX at least once a week;
6. All the posts and reposts must be accompanied by the hashtags #izx #izetex #izx_bounty #cryptocurrency #ico #blockchain a must!!

You can get stakes for posting/reposting/leaving comments on our Facebook


1.Like and follow official Facebook page;
2.Your account must have at least 200 real friends and be public;
3.Only 1 post/repost per day will be counted;
4.Facebook accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted;
5.Accounts must be older than 4 month;
6.Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts will be disqualified;
7.Terms and Conditions can be changed or more can be applied;
8.For getting an extra stake you must comment on one of the posts which is not older than 2 week. The comment must be constructive and be at least 2 sentences. Only one comment per post will be counted. You can do only 3 comments per one week.

The number of tokens:

Repost – 1 IZX erc-20
Post – 1 IZX erc-20
Comment – 3 IZX erc-20

You can get stakes for tweeting/retweeting tweets


1.Follow official Twitter page;
2.Your account must have at least 200 followers, and has to be public;
3.Only 1 tweet/retweeеt per day will be counted;
4.You must like the post which you are going to retweet;
5. Twitter accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.Twitter account followers will be based on an audit from – minimum 90% real followers will be accepted;
6. You must register here –
7. Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be disqualified.

Instuctions: Register on BountyGuru platform and connect your Twitter account – your tweets and retweets will be tracked automatically!
Tweets: please include #IZX, #ICO, #blockchain hashtag when publishing tweets. Tweets withour #IZX, #ICO,#blockchain hashtag will not be counted.

The number of tokens:

Retweet – 1 IZX erc-20
Tweet – 1 IZX erc-20

You can get tokens for advertising on your own channel


• Video about IZX on a channel with over 200 subscribers [ 100 IZX erc-20]
• Video about IZX on a channel with over 500 subscribers [ 200 IZX erc-20]
• Video about IZX on a channel with over 1000 subscribers [ 500 IZX erc-20]


1.You must have at least 90% real followers;
2. Privacy settings must be open;
3. Video must be accompanied by the hashtags #izx #izetex #izetex_bounty #cryptocurrency #blockchain #ico.


• Positive meme + IZX logo + share on FB or twitter [10 IZX erc-20]
• Instagram logo IZX + tags (#izx and #izetex #ico # cryptocurrency #blockchain # tokensale) + link to the website [7 IZX erc-20]

1. Creative idea must include the logo or signature IZX/mention
2. Work must be original
3. Work must be related to the cryptocurrency / blockchain / crowdfunding /crowd investing, or something related to this topic
4. Two posts in Instagram per day counted


•Please join our AirDrop campaign for 5 IZX tokens (~5$).
•Participate our official Telegram chat to get 5 IZX
•Only first 1000 users will be in time IZX


1. Please do not mention aidrop/bounty on Telegram chat. Only discuss the project / ico details.
2. Stay on telegram group until the end of the ICO
3. Please be an active member on Telegram chat
4. Spammers will be banned

Take part in «New Year Calendar» and win up to 50 000$ and many other guaranteed gifts. You can earn tokens everyday by completing quests step by step.


Tasks of Sneakers Quest

Task 1 –  Catch your 1st IZX token   [IZX erc-20]
Task 2 –  Invite 3 friends to game  (they have to take 1 IZX token) [3 IZX erc-20]
Task 3  Find 5 IZX tokens in your city [3 IZX erc-20]
New tasks will be published as soon as they will be required 

1.Download app IZX:Google play ,  AppStore
2.Register on
4.Join official Telegram channel
5.Have a live profile on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter (profile must have existed for more than 1 month with more than 100 real followers)
6.It’s allowed to have a profile at least in one of social network (FB, Twitter, Instagram)
7.Cheating and changing geoposition programmatically lead to BAN FOREVER

Bonus task №1

Special for those, who has completed first three tasks:

•Make a screenshot or video of the moment where you are catching token
•Post it in Facebook/Twitter/Vk/Instagram
•Write a review about how fun and interesting it is to catch IZX tokens, put the link on our profile in that social network, where you make the post and to present our bounty-quest and tell about opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by simple playing
•Don’t forget using hashtags #IZX_Bounty  #izx_sneakers #izx #cryptocurrency #izetex #proofofwalk #blockchain

If you have profile in more than one social network, you can make a publication in any of them – you’ll get tokens for every post, no matter what social network it is.

5$ for one post

You can earn tokens for the presentation IZETEX project in the local conferences and meetups  [1500 IZX erc-20].


1.Minimum attendance requirement is 30 people (speaker not included);
2.It is required to submit photos and videos of the event to the Bounty program moderator;
3.It is required to negotiate the approval of the place and the day of organizing a meetup with the Bounty program moderator;
4.For cities with population below 1 million people, only 1 meetup during Bounty campaign is allowed; for cities with population over 1 million people, no more than 2 meetups are allowed;
5.You must sent your presentation to approve before the event.


All tokens will be distributed after ICO ends.

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