ДомойCryptoPOSTHUMAN creates token PSTHMN

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POSTHUMAN creates token PSTHMN

 Here is inside to the new airdrop

The validator of the Cosmos blockchain ecosystem POSTHUMAN creates its own token  PSTHMN, which will be dropped by those who stake ATOM, JUNO, or OSMO directly to it!

If you stake ATOM, then this validator will be on the Cosmos staking page at position 119:
(This page opens when you hit stake in your Keplr wallet)
How many coins you need to stake in order to participate in the distribution is not disclosed.
Snapshot should take place in the second quarter of the year when exactly is not disclosed.
Further, the received tokens should not be sold, but continue to be staked at the POSTHUMAN validator, since all PSTHMN holders will receive regular new accruals throughout 2022 and the following years.
Airdrop details here:
If you have already staked ATOM tokens with a validator, you can always re-stake them with another validator.


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