ДомойCryptoSanin Inu: democracy revolution in DeFi

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Sanin Inu: democracy revolution in DeFi

Sanin inu is not just a new ordinary meme coin

$SANI- is a 0 tax coin that launched less than 2 months ago, the one that has made a big splash and stirred the discussions about it among the market players.

Enigmatic developer Moonoshi, whose person is shrouded in mystery and whose activity is followed by gossips and speculations,has created a project that now rightly claims the title of original DeFi.

Sanin Inu

After investing more than 41.5 ETH into a project to provide liquidity the contract was renounced, locking up these funds forever so as providing $SANI owners with a 100% safe coin.

No one could ever make any modifications or amendments to the contract.

The contract gets 100 out of 100 safety grade after the audit. Born as an ordinary meme coin in everyman’s eyes, the coin received its technical component just two months after launch.


In collaboration with $ CIV team, Sanin Inu is ready to present its own farming/staking platform just in the middle of June, while as we all know lots of such type coins get their utility only in a year’s time frame.

Combined with the fact that $SANI doesn`t have its own funds even for marketing means we can call it a Community based coin without any doubts.

In addition to the farming/Stacking platform, Sanin Inu will receive its own DAO, where the community will be able to officially make a decision on the further development of the project.

Originally announced as Shiba Inu killer, Sanin inu has close links with this token.

It is a proven fact that many early holders of $SHIB have already invested their funds into this new iconic project.

The only question that arises is what will $SANI be capable of (as an experiment in the field of real DeFi), if just in a few weeks time after the launch they have already created so much fuss around themselves?

Sanin Inu contract — 0x4521C9aD6A3D4230803aB752Ed238BE11F8B342F

✔️ 1T fixed total supply
✔️ 0% buy/sale tax
✔️ 100% LP tokens burned
✔️ No presale, no team tokens
✔️ Contract renounced

🟧Website: http://sanininu.com
🟧Twitter: https://twitter.com/sanininu
🟧Community Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sanin_Inu
🟧Telegram: https://t.me/SANININU
🟧Tg channel: https://t.me/saninannoucements
🟧Discord: https://discord.gg/VsEaEADqdP
🟧Vision: https://medium.com/@moonoshi/sanin-the-shiba-inu-killer-the-vision-987814d3bcea
🟧Renounce tranx: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x8ccae6efcc78dc8eb3883c8bbd4cc34e7df244fe1fef592696c214c8584b37ca
🟧Liquidity burned: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xdbf901c59f139fd6a6e3a8024c3aa9a1a72b72be680985af592d45c09e6edc5c
🟧100/100 on Token Sniffer: https://tokensniffer.com/token/0x4521c9ad6a3d4230803ab752ed238be11f8b342f




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