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Neural networks for programming

These services help to write code and correct errors in it

Adrenaline is a neural network that corrects code and provides detailed information about errors.

CMD J is a Google Chrome extension that allows using ChatGPT in any tab without copying text.

Notion AI is an amazing AI assistant. The neural network writes entire posts and articles based on a single headline, brainstorms ideas for everything. Additionally, it is a very powerful editor that corrects errors and provides instant translation. 20 requests are available for free.

Tabnine predicts the next lines of code and completes them for you. It supports many languages.

CodePal is an assistant that helps to write code by a text request, optimize, find bugs, and review the code.

Code GPT is a neural network-based solution from OpenAI that integrates directly into VSCode and composes code for you by a text request.

Autobackend helps with backend. The service only needs one or two sentences in English.

Codesnippets generates code from text requests. There is debugging, refactoring, and saving code for the rest of the team. The service is paid, but there is a free version.

Buildt AI is a search engine for VSCode that searches for ready-made code in public databases.

ExtractGPT summarizes all the most important information from any site. And it collects it in a table that can be navigated in the browser or downloaded directly.


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