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The Best Neural Networks for Programmers

We have gathered in one post services that will help you code more comfortably, and in some cases even correct your mistakes and teach you something.

Adrenaline is a popular tool that can fix your code and provide detailed information about errors.

Tabnine predicts the next lines of code and writes them for you. It supports all popular programming languages.

CodePal is an assistant that helps write code based on text queries, optimizes, finds bugs, and reviews code.

CodeGPT is a neural network-based solution from OpenAI that integrates directly with VSCode and generates code for you based on text queries.

Autobackend helps with backend development. The service only requires one or two sentences in English.

Codesnippets generates code from text queries. It has debugging, refactoring, and code saving features for the rest of the team.

BuildtAI is a search engine for VSCode that finds ready-made code from public databases.


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