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Crafters City

Crafters City Collection consists of carefully designed voxel buildings. Each NFT in this collection is designed differently from the other. Each of the drawings is prepared in 3D and stored for the metaverse.

The collection will come from a total of 3333 NFTs.



750 people participating in the Whitelist will be mint at a price of 0.8 Avax. The remaining NFTs will
be mint at 1.1 Avax.



Q1 2022

Crafters team was formed and the Crafters City Collection project was launched.
Social media channels have been activated.
The design of the website has been completed and activated.
The drawings of the NFT designs began.
Integration with Kalao.

Q2 2022

A special minting will begin for those who join the Whitelist.
General minting will begin for everyone.
Social media channels such as Discord, Twitter and Instagram will be developed and more users will be reached.
With 5% of the revenues from the sales, the food, shelter and health needs of stray animals will be met.
Working concurrently with the Kalao Vision project, every NFT from the Crafters Collection can be displayed in the metaverse.
Anyone who has received an NFT from the Crafters Collection will gain Exclusive member status on the Discord channel and have access to private chat channels.


Q3 2022

Crafters team will come together with university clubs and start a forestation project in the city we live in.
Special NFT draws will be made and distributed to Crafters Collection owners.
50% of the proceeds from royalty will go towards the Community Fund.


Q4 2022

Physical gifts will be given to Crafters Collection owners through a raffle.
There will be special community meetings where collection-owning members come together.
The team will be developed for the Crafters City video game project.
Partnerships with major brands will be sought.


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