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Decentraland: first acquaintance

Decentraland: first acquaintance

Decentraland is the best place to begin if you want to explore the metaverse

Decentraland’s presentation is very similar to Roblox, with simpler graphics. It is not the right place to create realistic 3D models in virtual reality (VR). We mean what we say when we refer to the metaverse as a visual version of our Web2 Internet. It is a network of interconnected suburbs that allows for the strange and the extraordinary to flourish. It might appear confusing at first, but we are here to help.

Decentraland: first acquaintance

You will be asked if you would like to log in as a guest, or with your wallet. You will lose much of the interaction and personalization that you would expect when playing Decentraland as an anonymous guest. We will concentrate on logging into Decentraland with a wallet.

There are three options for connecting to the servers. However, Metamask is the most preferred because it is the most secure and popular wallet. You can create a Metamask wallet for free by visiting their website. This will allow you to connect via a browser extension.

Once everything is connected, and you have logged in, it’s time to customize your character with the base models. You can express yourself more personally with the Decentraland Marketplace, which we’ll soon cover.

Genesis Plaza

You will find yourself in the Decentraland world at Genesis Plaza. This is a central lobby that many people use. You will see boards advertising special events, hot spots and NFT drops.

Decentraland: first acquaintance

Genesis Plaza is a common place where large groups of people meet to chat or discuss topics. It can lead to a lot of self-promotion, which can make it a quick way to find new places to visit.


Genesis Plaza is only the beginning. You can find all of Decentraland by pressing «M» or the «TAB menu». This will show you that Decentraland can be broken down into smaller parcels, called parcels. They can vary in size depending upon what the landlord bought. You’ll find as much content as you can in the smaller lots, including art galleries and poker rooms.

You can access almost any location from this screen. However, you will need to choose a section of land that has an interactive house icon. These icons can be used as quick travel points just like RPGs. After a brief teleport, you can walk around the world or use public transport in certain cases.


The Decentraland’s marketplace allows for personalization and expression in the metaverse. You’ll find everything you need, from avatar wear to land plots. You’ll see a list of categories and the different ways you can view the content.

Decentraland: first acquaintance

It is important to note that Decentraland uses its ERC20 token MANA for many purchases. These can be traded on the market for items as well as to other players for goods or services. Users can also trade Ethereum and Polygon anywhere. Decentralandso allows you to see exactly what you’re spending and each article can be checked.


Decentraland DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), allows users to vote for important changes, such as new LAND sales or what items can be worn. MANA token holders can vote on any upcoming changes.

This rule of digital democracy, which allows users to have control over their experiences, is one of the most appealing aspects of the Metaverse platforms. Decentraland is entirely decentralized and relies on its users to create all aspects of the metaverse.

Use it quickly

Decentraland is easy to learn and use, and accessible to all. Some Metaverse platforms have a fixed price or are still under alpha testing. However, you can immediately jump in and access the whole Decentraland. Anyone who is even slightly familiar with online videogame worlds will feel at home here. They’ll be able to navigate the map and communicate with each other.

If you do decide to spend the time studying, one thing you should keep in mind is that EARTH, while becoming more popular, is surprisingly large which can make it a peaceful experience. While you won’t find many people exploring outlying areas, it is more likely that you will find other people exploring them if you visit one of the listed areas.

Decentraland: first acquaintance

Decentraland is a strong foundation for future communities and builds. It’s possible to log in with a low-spec laptop. However, if you want a more tech-focused experience, you may want to consider other options.

Decentraland is a great place to start if you’re looking to explore the metaverse


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