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First introduction to the metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual world. This is a digital universe where people are allowed to enter a place very similar to the real world, do various things and even earn money by monetizing their creations in the metaverse.

In essence, it is an accessible AR/VR world integrated with elements of digital assets and related digital worlds. Enthusiasts of science fiction and futurism view this as an alleged iteration of the Internet as the only universal digital world, which is facilitated by the use of augmented and virtual reality devices.

What are Metaverse coins?

Metaverse coins are basically currencies associated with digital worlds where things can be bought, sold, or exchanged for related metaverse coins. These coins also have a real value and can be used to exchange real money through various cryptocurrency exchanges.

build business in metaverse

For example, Decentraland is a metaverse where the native cryptocurrency is the MANA token. Players in the game can complete tasks and receive rewards in MANA that have real value.

Users can use it in the Decentraland, as well as exchange it on cryptocurrency exchanges where the MANA token is specified.

How to buy land or real estate in the Metaverse?

Digital lands in any metaverse cannot be bought for ordinary fiat currency, people must own a certain cryptocurrency of the metaverse with a certain metaverse.

Let’s look at the SANDBOX: if you are going to purchase a plot of land in the metaverse, you must have enough SAND tokens in your crypto wallet to make a purchase.

You can buy real estate in SANDBOX through the sale of Sandbox Land, which is available on its map. The application is made a few weeks before the start of sales.

buy land in metaverseAnother option is to purchase used through third-party markets such as Raible and OpenSea, but the acquisition of these sites will be more expensive than the official sale.

There are various metaverses, such as Decentraland, Axie Infinity, etc., where you can acquire lands.

How can you join the Metaverse?

People can join the metaverse on their own. Users must use basic devices such as PCs or even mobile devices to log into some metaverses. The best experiences that people can observe in relation to the metaverse are augmented reality like in the DROPP or virtual reality headsets like Oculus.

First introduction to the metaverseUsing VR people don’t need to move to enter this world, they can do it by just sitting or even lying on their beds.

Using AR people need to move to discover a new virtual world.

Just like in the real world, people can engage in leisure activities as well as business in the metaverse, which rewards them.

People can communicate with other people in the form of their digital avatars. They can chat or even voice chat through their devices in the metaverse.

How to buy Metaverse cryptocurrency?

As we mentioned above, metaverse coins are just cryptocurrencies that have both in-game utility and real value. By engaging in monetary activities in the metaverse, you can earn a linked cryptocurrency and trade it on the market.

Another option is that you can purchase a metaverse cryptocurrency in the same way as you buy a regular cryptocurrency on the market, such as bitcoin.

People should create their accounts on crypto exchanges, where their desired crypto-metaversion is indicated.

They can choose the crypto asset of their choice and choose the «Buy» option on the exchange and purchase the desired amount of crypto metaverse.

People need to make sure they have enough funds in their wallets if they are ready to make a deal.

How to make money in the Metaverse

  1. Play to Earn Games
  2. Land Renting on Metaverse
  3. Run eCommerce Business on Metaverse and Delivery in Real World.
  4. Metaverse Architecture and Designer
  5. Open Art Gallery
  6. Promote Business

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