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Meta showed a prototype of VR gloves

The gloves will reproduce haptic sensations in virtual reality by grabbing and touching objects. In this case, the user will be able to feel even the smoothness, hardness or softness of the surface

Since most things in the digital world will be NFTs, we are in for huge market growth and a whole new experience of interacting with the virtual environment.
Facebook has also showcased a number of AR/VR prototypes over the years showcasing complex technologies that often don’t end up making their way to the final products but test the cutting edge of a certain technology. HaptX has been building haptic-feedback gloves for enterprise clients for years miniaturizing the tech that has required a backpack-sized pneumatic box that helps manage the sensory feedback of the gloves. It’s still a very complicated technology that is probably many years of development away from reaching the same mainstream audience that Facebook, now Meta, has been pursuing with the Quest 2.
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