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Metabloqs Metaverse

Metabloqs recently announced the launch of its Metaverse project

Users can learn, play, and network with each other. Although 2021 was the year that the buzzword Metaverse became popular, there were some truly amazing projects once the noise subsided. Metabloqs is one of the most prominent names in the Web 3 space. Metabloqs is creating a metaverse that includes people from all walks of life.

There is a growing interest among people in virtual spaces for entertainment, commerce, and work. It is urgent that platforms be created to make this space more accessible and foster trusting connections. Metabloqs advanced matching algorithm was created to help people find like-minded people, and foster social connections. The platform doesn’t rely on data selling or absolute anonymity but encourages trust-building interaction among the community.

Metabloqs For Crypto Enthusiasts

Metabloqs is a platform for crypto enthusiasts and early adopters that helps them navigate their field. The Metabloqs platform provides a single-stop solution to all your blockchain needs. The platform allows users to create and manage virtual assets, as well as monetize their user experiences. Metabloqs allows you to become a part of the metaverse, buy rare goods and land, and create a seamless world. You can also play as a custom-made avatar (e.g. Gandhi NFT (in a football match).

Metabloqs For Students

Metabloqs also targets students looking to host a virtual party, find people who share similar interests, earn extra money or learn something new. Metabloqs is not like metaverses that only want to maximize their return on investments. Instead, Metabloqs strives to make a platform that is democratic and sustainable that adds value for its users.

Metabloqs For Startups

Metabloqs believes in supporting startups and giving them an edge in their early stages. They provide visibility for their solutions. Metabloqs is the right place for tech-savvy professionals and startups looking to connect with others with similar interests. Metabloqs is the place to host a professional meeting, host events and find talent, investors, partners, and build a community. You can also give your brand a voice on the platform and trade there.

Metabloqs — Building cities and buildings

Metabloqs is a company that creates meta-cities that look like real-world cities in order to offer a truly immersive experience for its users. Paris will be the first to go live. Users can submit their projects to build projects. The community can vote on the proposal and approve it (DAO feature). Holders of the native Metabloqs token will be able to buy land, build houses, offices, or fun parks and sell their NFTs on the market.

Why should people be early adopters?

Metabloqs is challenging the boundaries of the digital space, making it available for everyone. Metabloqs aims to create a sustainable and fully functioning metaverse economy in order to close the gap between the existing metaverses. It does this by rewarding trusted connections. It is still in its early stages and it will be difficult to get into the ecosystem.

Register now to get land and rare NFT for the first 5’000 users.

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