ДомойMetaversesPull&Bear has launched the first Virtual Reality experience in the Metaverse

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Pull&Bear has launched the first Virtual Reality experience in the Metaverse


PULL&BEAR has a partnership with La Frontera VR and Meta Creative Shop to create an island full of #entertainment with a #virtual showroom, a surf video game, and an avatar custom tool. Visit our website to explore the 360 digital island and make yourself virtual with the Ready Player Me tool.

If you like it, take your Meta Quest glasses and show the way you look dressed in PULL&BEAR to your friends in VRChat Inc. Sommium Space, Spatial, LIV or Meeting VR. Coming soon in the stores.

The metaverse is advancing by leaps and bounds, and brands continue to push hard for more presence in this new virtual world. And to this new universe of virtual catwalks that reflect engagement with a brand and consumer preferences is added Pull&Bear, which reaches the metaverse with a new collection of garments and even its own games.

This is the staging of Pull&Bear in the metaverse

Now Pull&Bear, the young fashion brand of the Inditex group, has decided to bet on digital innovation and will make its grand entrance into the metaverse on March 18, with a virtual clothing collection with which users can dress their avatar with the brand collection, mainly aimed at generation Z.

Pull&Bear has launched the first Virtual Reality experience in the Metaverse

According to the firm, this set of clothing will be compatible with «hundreds of apps and games» on the Ready Player Me platform, including VR Chat, Somnium Space, Spatial, LIV and Meeting VR.

This is Ready Player Me, the multigame avatar platform for the metaverse

Pull&Bear has launched the first Virtual Reality experience in the Metaverse

Although we usually associate the metaverse with Meta, the parent company of Facebook, there are many other platforms dedicated to the new virtual universe, and one of them is Ready Player Me.

This is a Wolf3D project, a platform specialized in generating 3D avatars for companies like Huawei, Tencent, Vodafone and HTC. And while these and other companies use Wolf3D to create projects that work specifically on their devices or apps, Ready Player Me is generally available to all users, running on a variety of websites and apps.

In Ready Player Me you will be able to create an avatar to use in your journey through the metaverse and other virtual reality platforms, being able to create your avatar for free. Of course, you must create a personal account to start using it.

Your system is geared towards customization. In other words, although it allows you to create an imaginary avatar from scratch, its great commitment is to allow users to become avatars in their image and likeness. To do this, you must upload a photograph of your face so that the platform can scan your features and manage to create a 3D avatar similar to you, and once created you will be able to make it up, do your hair, and of course, add clothes and accessories, and starting in March, too You can use the new Pull&Bear collection in your avatar to use your avatar on the different compatible platforms.

Pull&Bear has launched the first Virtual Reality experience in the Metaverse

A new gaming experience with Pull&Bear

In addition to its new collection of virtual garments, Pull&Bear will also present its own online reality within the metaverse in March. The firm allied itself with the La Frontera VR team, developing a universe «whose aesthetics and entertainment features connect with the brand’s youngest audience».

As we said, the Pull&Bear gaming experience will also be available in Ready Player Me, and can be used through games in which, according to the firm, users will be able to compete and interact with the brand. 


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