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Roblox: there is smth for everyone

There is something for everyone

Roblox was originally designed to be a teaching tool for children. But today, its reach is far greater.

Roblox teaches you how to create games. This is the first and foremost platform that reflects the spirit of Little Big Planet, or Dreams. Millions of users create small games and then try out other members’ projects.

Roblox: there is smth for everyone

Roblox’s tools for creating prototypes are more flexible than those of the Media Molecule. You can use virtually any type of graphic asset here, for instance. The platform is easy to use and comes with the Roblox Studio engine.

Roblox can also be earned. Donated currency Robux can be saved by anyone. To convert the Robux into money, you will need a premium subscription. Each Roblox Premium plan gives you 450 to 2200 Robux each month. However, you can also buy the currency. The treasured 100 000 Robux will cost $1200 but will be worth only $350 after you withdraw them.

The user can then earn money by placing paid items in their place. This is similar to free-to-play games. Robux can help you get into his place. A user called Laimonas Mileska made more than 100 thousand dollars in 2015 with Robux’s in-game purchases.

Roblox paid developers approximately $110 million in 2019 and $250 million in 2020. Roblox also planned to pay half a trillion dollars for 2021 (there have not been any official statistics).

Some million dollars is earned annually by the creators of the most popular places on the site. It’s easy to see why UseHero, a virtual shopping platform, suggested in its article that Roblox has become the pathway to success for the next generation just as YouTube was for millennials. Roblox is not for everyone. Out of 40 million users, about a thousand made Roblox more than $30,000.

Roblox allows you to organize large events and promote big brands. Events of all sizes, just like Fortnite, are hosted here from time-to-time. This is particularly relevant during a time of pandemics and helps promote to a younger audience.

In May 2021, Gucci held an exhibition, which featured exclusive locations and Roblox customization products. A handbag from the Dionysus old collection was the most expensive, selling for 350 000 Robux (302 000 rubles). A real analog from the current collection was also sold for less than 200 thousand rubles.

Roblox: there is smth for everyone

In 2020, the creators of Scooby-Doo added Adopt Me! to their advertising campaign. To the popular Tamagotchi Place! Scooby-Doo himself. The platform saw 36 million people attend Lil Nas X’s concert (in comparison to Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert, which was only 27,000,000). Warner Bros. also organized Wonder Woman: The Themyscira Experience as a theme place for the occasion of the publication of Wonder Woman 1984.

Roblox’s openness makes it easy for corporations to advertise on Roblox. Epic Games must be consulted before you can hold a Fortnite concert. Everyone can make their own game there. Children also love to see brands in real life on the platform.

Roblox has identified three principles that will be used by developers to help them develop the platform in the future. First, communication within the virtual world must be consistent with the rules of the real world. It requires that we speak up when we need to be heard far away, or we whisper. To convey emotions, we use facial expressions and gestures.

Second, the metaverse should not be separated from real and virtual communication. Developers give an example of a scenario where a player can simultaneously talk with his friend in Roblox while also talking to a real-life interlocutor. All participants to such a conversation can change the communication type at any moment – they can even go on a video chat.

The main principle, or third principle, converges with Roblox’s core values. The law must govern communication in the metaverse. It must be controlled, just like in the real world. No one will find out if you or a friend are discussing something that is not legal in private. However, if you shout at someone in the middle of a restaurant then everyone around you will react.

Roblox: there is smth for everyone



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