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SkyVerse takes place in a Fantasy Universe whereby magic and dragons exist (similar to Minecraft), and people used to live together in the Country, Skytopia

Skytopia was once a united and wealthy nation, but then a phenomenon strike happened and the whole country was split into 5,000 different Sky Islands. These 5,000 Sky Islands are teleported to different parts of the world. Are you brave enough to come on this adventure to bring Skytopia back to how it was before?
SkyVerse: Part 1 is set around around 5,000 Genesis Sky Islands to be set into various
Metaverses such as Sandbox and NFTWorlds.
The vision for SkyVerse is to create a strong core platform in the Metaverse for community interaction within the NFT Space. This will allow members from different communities to interact with one another, learn more about each other, and dive into a deeper level of social experience. To execute this vision, SkyVerse has partnered up with projects that have a strong community foundation such as Godjira, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate and Llamaverse. Therefore, SkyVerse mission would be to bridge all of their partnered communities together into the Metaverse, forming one big family.
Mint Date: Late March 
Mint Supply: Only 5,000 in existence
Mint Price: 0.1 ETH
Max Mint per wallet: One (1)
Whitelist/Public allocation: 100% Whitelist Sale (5,000 Whitelist Spots)
Reveal: Will take place after 48 hours of closing of mint
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