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X World Games

X World Games will be a gaming platform that connects blockchain systems with millions of players from the conventional gaming world. X World Games is currently working with game developers and industry-leading professionals to attract traditional players and expand its ecosystem, aiming to become the «Open Sea» in the space of blockchain gaming and a Steam-like blockchain platform.

X World Games

🤳 Decentralization

True decentralized ownership of a gaming world via DAO. Players that hold XWG tokens get to decide the governance policy or the next in-game development for the ecosystem, including reward mechanisms and tokenomic systems.

🎨 Creation & Collection

Players can create all kinds of in-game items, from unique avatars to fantasy equipment. All in-game items will be tokenized and represented by NFTs, and all assets can be traded through an open decentralized marketplace.
🏡 Global Community
XWG is powered by a global community, made up of gamers, investors, and creators, to build an immersive multiplayer experience and balanced ecosystem.
🕹 Cross-Game Experience
Enjoy different games in one open metaverse via cross-game experience. Players truly own their characters and sets and experience their unique assets in every different game of the X World.
X World Games
Founded in 2018, X World Games (“XWG”) aims to build the next-gen decentralized gaming metaverse.
X World Games’ vision is to build a diversified gaming ecosystem that connects traditional gamers with the blockchain world and invite more game developers into the crypto space by creating and providing the underlying blockchain framework.
With its gaming innovation, crypto game — Dream Card, NFT Marketplace, and DeFi Pool, X World Games now serves over 2 million registered gamers and has quickly become the fastest-growing crypto gaming platform in the ecosystem.
X World Games is headquartered in Singapore with a 100+ dynamic team located worldwide.
Please learn more by visiting
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