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Monkey King Club Airdrop

March 12, 2022

The Monkey King, a monkey who was born from a stone and has supernatural powers thanks to Taoist practices.

He has the 72 Earthly Transformations which enable him to access 72 unique powers. These include the ability to transform into various animals and objects.

Monkey King Club Airdrop

Each Handsome Monkey King is hand drawn, with its own expressions and characteristics. They are unique and handsome, with over 200 distinct traits.

Whitelisted wallets will have access to the sale within 24 hours. Join Discord to lock in your spot on the whitelist.

Public Launch: 12 March 2022 at 2pm UTC To give everyone an equal chance and prevent bots from sweepeach wallet will only contain 3 Handsome Monkey Kings.

Each of Handsome Monkey King NFT’s will cost 0.072 ETH (+ gas fees), whereas the cost for whitelisted OG’s will be 0.06 ETH (+ gas fees). Join our Discord by participating in contests and community building to secure your whitelisting spot!

There will be 5555 Handsome Monkey King NFTs available. However, 72 of them will be reserved for the team, giveaways, and marketing purposes.

Each wallet will be limited to 3 Handsome Monkey Kings.

After 72 hours on public sale, all the Handsome Monkey King appearance and traits will be revealed.



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