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AdRunner NFT

AdRunner NFTs are a collection of 10,000 Non-Fungible Tokens with distinguishably unique
designs by award-winning artists and minted through the Ethereum (ERC-721) blockchain.

AdRunner NFTs will be minted with an arbitrary rarity baked in, determined by a randomization algorithm. They will establish the initial phase of the project and determine the owners’ long-term profit-sharing and governance model of the advertising platform. The first phase envisages minting 10,000 NFTs. At a later stage 5,000 AdRunner Gen Z NFTs will be minted and the process of breeding an extra 5,000 Gen Z NFTs will commence.

AdRunner NFT

Companies wishing to advertise will need to purchase native ADR tokens to pay for the
advertisements, thereby increasing the value of ADRs. AdRunner NFT owners will have an opportunity to stake their NFTs and yield the daily share of ADR tokens downstream, generated by advertisement impressions placed. Benefits from each serviced impression are split into two parts: 55% will flow to AdRunner NFT holders, while 45% will be allocated to the maintenance and expansion of the platform. This includes rewarding meta-real-estate owners whose spaces will be used for placing AdBoxes as well as maintaining and expanding the platform’s virtual presence and creating unique experiences that more completely leverage 3D elements in VR and the AR space.

AdRunner community will be formed by AdRunner NFT holders. As project grows, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will be activated, giving owners governance rights through voting. At this stage the owners will decide on key governance issues, including the above-mentioned profit-sharing mechanism.

Ownership of an AdRunner NFT provides users partial ownership in a virtual advertising entity that focuses on revolutionizing the VR advertising experience.

Using DAO & governance tools, owners of AdRunner NFTs will possess the ability to vote
within the infrastructure on subjects like changes to advertising policy, nature of upgrades to the platform, meta-real-estate reward algorithm, profit-sharing mechanism, and future staking rates.

In this way, early adopters are assured of their ability to shape the future of advertising within the metaverse.

AdRunner NFT

AdRunner NFT holders can breed their NFTs to create new Gen Z NFTs.

It’s an opportunity given to genesis owners just for holding AdRunner NFTs. The Gen Z NFT comes with the same utility and features as its predecessor. To breed your NFTs, you must stake two random AdRunner NFTs for at least 70 days.
To ensure the rarity of our NFTs, there will be only 5,000 Gen Z NFTs minted and 5,000 bred.

Presale mint date — 23 March 06:00 PM UTC.
Public mint date — 24 March 06:00 PM UTC.

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