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Badass Ape NFT Club

The Badass NFT Club© (“BANC” ) is an original 8888 NFT collection inspired by and officially derived from the Bored Ape Yacht Club movement – embodying the infamous Ape non-conformist attitude, and then some…

Badass Ape NFT ClubPreserved on the Ethereum blockchain, each Badass Ape is a verifiably unique work of digital art that grants you access to member-only benefits unlocked through Roadmap activation.


The BANC’s visionary graphic artists have generated 350+ special traits, from a wide range of unique accessories, facial features, and cool, exclusive apparel to represent the Badass Ape’s many uncooperative sides. This Badass collection is turning heads with its release of high-quality designs of punk leather jackets, chokers, face tattoos, misfit haircuts, carefree shades, and many more eye-catching properties, inspired by rock and rebel personalities that unapologetically push the culture forward – or wherever the hell they please, for that matter.

Badass Ape NFT Club


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