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Angrymals | NFT Minting Soon!

Angrymals is a free-to-play PvP tactical video game based on one solid concept: throw junk and wreck things!

Inspired by Angry Birds and Worms, the player will control three customized Angrymals bunkered down in a player-designed fortress, armed with a huge assortment of absurd weapons and powers to lay waste to the opponent’s defenses.
Angrymals is available on both the Google Play and App Store. It is designed to be picked up easily and quickly, whilst also to having a huge amount of strategic depth available to explore for the competitive gamer. It holds significant entertainment value with its physics-based gameplay, casual and competitive game modes, and strategic skill-based battles.
Angrymals has been in development since 2015. It is being developed by Sionera Entertainment, a boutique Italian game studio, which was acquired by Catheon Gaming, a leading blockchain game publisher in January 2022. The team’s focus now is to convert the existing Angrymals game into a blockchain, play-to-earn version. Catheon Gaming will support the project with its expertise in blockchain integration, marketing and community building, and fundraising and listing support.
Angrymils NFT

NFTs at Launch

The first NFT items to be implemented in the game will be the Player Portraits, which serve as a profile picture for the player, and is something that the opponent can see before the match. Each Portrait will consist of a unique Angrymal avatar, generated from a selection of traits.
The exact combination of traits will determine the overall rarity of the Player Portrait NFT and the resulting background of the Portrait.
Angrymals | NFT Minting Soon!

Future Planned NFTs

Future NFT content that is currently planned for inclusion in the game includes the following:
  • Player Taunts: Did you just take out the whole enemy team with a finely placed barrage of carrots? Or did you just throw the game by missing the easiest shot in the world? Let your opponents know how you feel with a funny emoji, designed specifically to induce maximum laughs or emotional distress.
  • Battlefield decorations: A battlefield is a desolate place. Make it more welcoming by adding unique decorations such as Dinosaur fossils, unexploded landmines, and more.
  • Character skins: Don’t let your Angrymals stand around in underpants! Give them some wacky clothes to look as stylish as possible whilst blasting your opponents.
    Angrymals | NFT Minting Soon!
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