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Antonym: house of phygital

Antonym is a PHYGITAL lifestyle brand, bridging the gap between digital collectibles and physical designer goods.

Antonym: house of phygital

Rather than accept the separation of the physical and digital world team believes the future is phygital — working in harmony to create unique product experiences that connect cultures and communities.

Antonym: genesis is a flagship collection of 8,888 NFTs and is the center of the Antonym ecosystem.

Each collector of an Antonym: Genesis NFTs will experience Phygital, with the opportunity to redeem limited-edition, designer art toys, ranging in size based on the number of NFTs collected.

As the team builds Antonym into a global brand, all growth initiatives, including future drops and experiences, will drive value for the Antonym: Genesis collection.

Antonym: house of phygital

By leveraging limited-supply drops of new products, select brand collaborations panned retail locations in tier 1 cities, and phygital experiences, Antonym is building at the intersection of art, fashion, and culture.


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