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Billionaire Space Baby Club

Billionaire Space Baby is an extremely unique, fully customized 3D Animated NFT collection consisting of 7.777 NFTs.

The BSB team has been working tirelessly with our designers to be certain the artwork fits the exact vision our team had since day 1 of this project.

BSBC team of 3D production specialists has put hours, days, and months into creating the most outstanding collection possible to showcase the Billionaire Space Baby collection. Traits will come in many varieties and rarity types. These traits contain common, rare, ultra-rare, and Legendary.

Billionaire Space Baby Club

Each and every piece of Billionaire Space Baby NFTs was crafted with the utmost detail and attention to deliver top-quality artwork & animations to the Billionaire Space Baby community.

The Billionaire Space Baby is a representation of young and middle-aged entrepreneurs to accomplish the goals they have set out in their life no matter the circumstance, and not to be doubted or dumbed down by the older generation.


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