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Crypto Coral Tribe

The CCT is a creative hub leveraging tech and art to invest in the natural world.

CCT mission is to provide economic, educational & recreational benefits to holders whilst driving wildlife conservation.
This all starts with the Community Impact Fund (IF) – seeded with 50% of mint revenues. The IF will invest in projects which protect the natural world whilst providing a return on investment. IF investments will be tied to rewards for holders, breathing life into the CCT ecosystem and our native token, $AQUA.


Life on Earth has survived countless global extinctions – it has continued to flourish and adapt to the most challenging conditions.
However, a blind quest toward a carbon-heavy & material civilisation, has led us to a new state of necessity – like no other before.
In seeing this, the Eye of Life drew deep within itself to find a response…

CCT Roadmap

CCT Integration


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